American Rabbit Breed

American Rabbit Breed

Let’s know about American Rabbit Breed

weight:about 12 pounds
Life span:5-10 years
Body Type:semi-arc
Mood:Known as a loving, humble, and good mother
 Suitable for:Small families, Individual owners, Apartment dwellers, People who want a calm and affectionate pet
American Rabbit Breed

Although it was one of the earliest breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, the American rabbit is much less common today than it was when it was introduced. Originally developed for fur and meat production, its heritage and name is a testament to events in world history that changed the course of rabbit breeding in the United States.

American Rabbit Breed

Now considered a “threatened” breed by The Livestock Conservancy, American rabbits have seen a slight resurgence in popularity since the 1990s due to a small group of dedicated enthusiasts. In this article, we look at the chain of events that led to the state of America today, as well as discuss their general traits and potential as pets. Read on to find out more!

History and Origin of the American Rabbit Breed

Developed in the first years of the 1900s, the American has a reputation as one of the first recognized breeds of rabbits from the United States. Due to the work of one Lewis Salisbury, Pasadena, California played the home of America’s origins.

Due to the competitive nature of the rabbit breeding industry at this time, Mr. Salisbury did not specify which breeds he used to achieve the American’s bright blue and white coat. However given their general appearance, it is likely that the American breed is a product of cross-breeding between Beaverton, Flemish Giant, Blue Vienna, and Imperial.

Originally developed solely for meat and fur production, this breed was formerly known as the “German Blue Vienna” – a name that would fall out of favor due to America’s conflict with Germany in World War 1. After being renamed American, it saw a slight jump in popularity before a steady decline. Due in large part to their first purpose as a meat and fur animal, American has not enjoyed the growing popularity of rabbits kept as pets and displayed at shows.

General Details

With their semi-arc body formation, Americans appear to be a bit more alert and active than many other breeds of their size and purpose. Their fleshy, thick-boned frames give them a dense quality. Weighing about 12 pounds fully grown, they are in large part “standard” sized rabbits.

Available in only two colors – blue and white – the American lacks the variety of coats that have made many other breeds popular as pets and show animals. What they may lack in color variety, they make up for with their plush and easily groomed fur.

diet and exercise

The American rabbit breed is known to enjoy a hearty appetite and regular exercise, although it rarely seems to be in a hurry. Feed them plenty of timothy hay, a small amount of kibble, and lots of leafy greens to keep them in great health. Especially with rabbits this size and larger, it is wise to give them multiple sources of fresh, filtered water.


The soft, easy-to-manage fur of Americans was once in high demand for coats and other clothing. While grooming requires only minimal assistance, a once-weekly brushing will suffice for most of the year. Increase this to twice weekly during the spring shedding season, and your rabbit’s health will thank you!


Passive, respectful, and timid, the American rabbit shows their breeding heritage very strongly in their sweet demeanor. They are known to be excellent mothers, and even make good foster mothers to other breeds of rabbit Is known.

The American’s placid attitude makes it a highly desirable pet, especially in relation to stressful situations. Of the many available rabbit breeds to choose from as pets, the American is extremely well suited to big-city life and apartment living.

Final Thoughts on Rabbit Breed

Although many of today’s most popular rabbit breeds may not have a kaleidoscope of colors available, the American’s long history of healthy breeding and kind, sweet temperament make it an excellent choice as a pet. Requiring very little maintenance along with proper diet and exercise, they will reward your affection and care many times over. Consider the American Rabbit breed if you want to cherish a piece of living history!

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