Are foxes dangerous

Are foxes dangerous

Let’s know about the Are foxes dangerous. If you’ve seen a fox for the first time or had a close encounter with one of these little critters, you might be concerned about whether you were in danger. Things can be even worse if you’ve seen foxes around your property and you’re worried about your children or your pets. Many people wonder what dangers foxes can pose and what health risks may be associated with foxes. While foxes are not interested in humans, for the most part, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Are foxes dangerous

danger foxes can pose

All wild animals are dangerous. Even if you see a pigeon or other small bird and try to pick it up, you may still get bitten or clawed. To that extent, foxes are dangerous. However, foxes are naturally afraid of people, and rightly so. Most of the time, if a fox sees you, it will try to run away as quickly as possible. (1)

That said, sometimes foxes can be a threat. The primary danger is if you try to catch one. When a fox gets trapped and is afraid not to run away,  (2) it will jump out, and you can be badly bitten and scratched. So never try to catch a wild fox. It is illegal to keep a live fox in most states anyway.

Another time that foxes can be dangerous is if they are carrying a disease. That disease can infect you, your family, or even your pets. But most of the time, you’ll know if a fox is carrying a disease because of its poor health, ragged fur, and aggressive nature.

disease foxes can carry

There are two main diseases caused by foxes that you will want to avoid. One is fatal to humans, the other will only cause minor irritation, although it can be worse for dogs.

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Some foxes have scabies, which is an infection caused by a mite. Humans can get this type of cough, but it will die within a few weeks. If your dog becomes infected, it’s a different story. You definitely do not want your dog to suffer from scabies. It is extremely rare for cats to get mange from foxes. (3)


But the main disease you should be concerned about is rabies that foxes carry. Rabies is fatal to humans who have not been vaccinated. It’s a really rough road to go down. But you can generally say that a fox is mad before it comes close to it.

Mad foxes have a strange gait, are extremely tame or aggressive, try to harm themselves while walking, stagger or stumble. Avoid foxes displaying any of these behaviors over long distances and alert your local animal control agency.  (4)

general question

Do foxes attack people?

Under normal circumstances the fox will not attack people. There may be a rabid fox, but a fox will usually run away from a human instead. Of course, if they are trapped in a cage or in a corner with nowhere to run, they may attack. But if you don’t try to catch the fox, it won’t attack you.

Do foxes attack pets (dogs, cats, etc.)?

If you have very small pets that have been left unattended outside, they could very well become fox prey. Large pets, such as large dogs and even grown-up pets, are not at risk. The fox will not attack the big dog unless the fox is mad. They also would not risk attacking a fully grown domestic cat. Most adult cats are the size of a fox with some wicked self-defense skills that foxes usually stay away from. (5)


For the most part, you have nothing to fear from foxes. Small pets, on the other hand, are a different story. They are in danger if you leave them unattended outside. But unless a fox is mad or you try to catch it, it won’t attack you. A fox will make sure to run and survive rather than messing with a creature many times its size. Or even a creature of the same size for that matter, which is why your adult housemates are safe too.