Basset hound dog breed

Basset hound dog breed

In today’s article we will know about basset hound dog breed. The basset hound breed was first seen in France in 1863 in Paris, and again in 1875 in Great Britain. It appeared due to crossing, which produced British breeders. Three types of French bassets are mixed in this breed – this is the Ardennes, Artesian and Artesian-Norman, and a little more, most likely, poured bloodless blood. In 1883 a club of fans of this breed appeared, it was created in Britain, and already in 1887 the first breed standard was created. In America, this breed is also a success, it was even brought out in the 80s of the 19th century.

Basset hound dog breed

Basset hound dog breed
Basset hound dog breed

breed characteristics

Basset Hound – a breed of dogs that requires increased training. It is a hunting dog, and also a dog friend. The Basset Hound chases the animal very persistently and does it entirely with little instinct. He hunts in a pack – it is laid in his instincts. Has a loud and low voice, is not afraid of low prickly blows and is very hardy. This is an exceptionally calm dog, aggressive it can not be seen. And the main features that distinguish it are stubbornness and strong will. Hunt with the Basset Hound on a medium or small animal, for example, a rabbit or deer. Although he is a hunter, he is a very gentle, affectionate and loving dog and can become a good companion friend.


If you look at the basset hound, it seems that this is a very sad dog, his whole appearance causes pity, he immediately regrets and wants to caress. However, this is only an external impression and occurs only in people who do not know these dogs. Experts say that the appearance of the dog does not always indicate the mood and it is better to pay attention to another part of the body.

The main indicator of the state of mind of the dog basset hound is the tail. The dog always has a tail tucked up, which is constantly swaying from side to side. Therefore, the idea that the Basset Hound is sad and sad is a fallacy, it is a very spirited dog.

This dog is like a toy or a picture from a cartoon. The basset hound brings a comical effect due to its long body and short legs, but enhances the effect of a charming face with wrinkles, long ears and eyes full of eyes. However, it is worthwhile to understand that this is not a joker and he will not tolerate a disapproving attitude towards himself. Although now this breed of dogs is mostly grown in apartments, it is a real hunter.

The name of the breed also says this, meaning “hound” in English, and “dachshund” in English. But this characteristic is relatively superficial, as there are many dogs with short legs, which are called dachshunds. This name is associated with a congenital malformation. There are two diseases, they are genetic, that hinder bone growth – these are chondrodystrophy and chondroplasia. These diseases are hereditary, But they do not affect life expectancy at all, and the health of the dog, in the human sense, does not suffer at all, and the only thing is a significant decrease in growth; This disease is not often found in nature.

In the United States, this breed is still popular and has the status of a house dog there, as well as in Europe. In Europe, there is an opinion that a domestic dog should be small. But the Basset Hound is hardly a small dog, although it is not very tall and has short legs. Despite the fact that the dog is not so small, but it has the quality to be comfortable in the apartment, it is present. Basset Hound is not very neat, aggressive and restrained, as an adult educated individual, it can be confused with a poodle. Except for the smaller paws, the difference between the fidgety and calm basset hound is huge. Therefore, choosing a dog only in size, you should think carefully.

Despite the existence of the house, the pool hound does not forget about hunting prey. He travels with pleasure through the city, there he awakens the ancient instinct of a hunter. In this case, he nails the ground to smell an attractive odor, and if he feels something, hears and sees something, he does not respond to the call. But this does not mean stubbornness of the dog, it is a beagle dog and it is completely given to the search. Stubbornness and perseverance are a virtue for such a dog. Therefore, if you need an obedient dog, waiting for the command of the owner and ready to fulfill all his requests – it is better to forget about hounds.

If in the countryside the basset hound can afford freedom, then in the city it must be taught to obey the owner. So difficult, but possible to achieve. A dog is a social animal, in which it is an instinct to follow a strong leader, or they themselves take the lead position in the pack. And here the owner must decide which position he wants to occupy. In a human family, the owner must have the role of leader, and this must be explained to the inexperienced puppy, who is determining his place in the hierarchical scale.

And remember, if the Basset Hound feels he can overthrow the leader, he will certainly take advantage of the opportunity. In order not to be overthrown, several rules must be observed. Leader – strong and confident, never raising his voice, because raising his voice is a sign of uncertainty, Which means the dog will need to disobey; You need to iron it out when talking with a dog.

In addition, it is important to be consistent and persistent in your actions and requests. For example, if the puppy sleeps in the master’s bed, it is expected to do so forever, until death. But when he grows up and will grow up, the owner will want to take him out of bed, this is fraught with the fact that the owner, most likely, will lose a considerable part of the trust of his dog. Moreover, the real owner-leader should bring up the dog, but not torture, while loving and caring for it.

Puppy training should begin immediately, as they are flexible in training and submission. They are easier to adjust to and it is much easier and more approachable to interact with them. The sad look of a puppy should never be kind. Although rudeness and sharpness are undesirable in the education of dogs, this does not mean that it is necessary to allow all this.

maintenance and care

With basset hounds you need a lot of time to give them physical exertion, they need a lot of space for movement. They do not tolerate loneliness, they do not like the heat. Wool should be cleaned from time to time with a brush, and also take care of the eyes and ears of the dog.