Beaver yorkshire terrier

Beaver yorkshire terrier

In today’s article, we will know about Beaver yorkshire terrier. Yorkshire Terrier – this dog companion, he is ready to share a good mood and love with family members. York sensitively feels your mood and if the owner wants to be left alone, the dog will not interfere and will pick up his toys. Beaver Yorkshire can win the hearts of everyone – both children and adults.

Beaver yorkshire terrier
Beaver yorkshire terrier

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You can buy professionally bred Yorkshire Terrier puppies. Such puppies are already accustomed to hygienic procedures and the toilet. In such a center, you can be helped at any time with care and treatment, advice, advice on materials.

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds today. Yorkshire has great charm, so no one is surprised when one sees it on a leash in the hands of a businessman or on a bike. Terrier easily fits into the modern rhythm of life. It is not necessary to take it out into the street, it is quite suitable for a toilet tray or diaper. Agree that it is not very pleasant to walk the dog in the cold or rain, especially on a day when in the morning you want to sleep for a long time.

You can not be afraid for the cleanliness of things in the house, this is such a small breed, which, due to the lack of undercoat, does not come into the house. For this reason, the Yorkshire is suitable for allergic people. He will not bring much trouble on the trip, because many airlines allow taking a small dog on board, and some hotels allow the settlement of owners with this breed of dogs, the same applies to restaurants and shops.

There are many varieties of haircuts for Yorkies, this greatly facilitates the care of wool for these dogs, if they are not required for an exhibition career. Despite its small size, the Yorkshire Terrier has a balanced mind and brave character. And the definition of a tired little dog that makes hers cower in fear, this is not about the Yorkshire Terrier.

An important advantage of the Yorkshire Terrier is that it is not jealous, loving, very friendly, therefore it is suitable for families in which there are small children. The Yorkshire Terrier brings fun and joy to the family. It is a confident, lively, cheerful and intelligent dog. The nature of the Beaver Yorkshire Terrier is not bad and the education of this dog should be dealt with by a balanced, adult person. The dog shows interest in any little things, quickly gets used to new animals and people. Yorka was the right character, you need education to show toughness and patience. It is an unobtrusive dog, vocalizing when it wants to attract the attention of its owner. Like any dog, outdoor walks are needed.


Yorkshire terrier puppies aged 3 to 4 months were fed 4 times; Starting from 4-10 months, they are fed 3 times a day, after 10 months it is necessary to reduce feeding to 2 times a day. You need to feed in the morning and in the evening. The food ration of the Beaver-York consists of vegetables and 50% of carbohydrates, 50% of proteins. The diet for Terrier Beaver includes: porridge (buckwheat, rice), boiled beef, fruits, raw vegetables, game, liver, cottage cheese and vitamin supplements. It is undesirable to give potatoes, milk, sausage, fatty dairy products (cheese, butter), fat pork. As a result, itching and dryness of the coat, itchy skin, dermatitis, rash, indigestion may be present. Switch to dry food gradually, until they are completely replaced by natural food.


Terrier beaver has a long luxurious coat, it needs constant care. Wool should be combed every day. The brush should be made of pig bristle or horsehair. To comb the wool using metal horns, wooden combs. If the dog is soiled it should be bathed. But frequent bathing is harmful, has a bad effect on the condition of their coat. To bathe Yorkies you need no more than 2 times a month in warm water with shampoo. Dry with a hairdryer or towel. After walking, wash your belly and feet with water without shampoo and soap.

Take care of ears regularly. Comb the coat over the ears to keep them short, pull dead hair out of the ear canal and clean them regularly. Cut your claws, remove allocations in the corners of your eyes.