Benefits of having a dog

Benefits of having a dog

Let’s know about the Benefits of having a dog. Friends, Dog Is The Only Animal That We Humans Raise Without Any Economic Benefit, Like Other Domesticated Animals Like Buffalo, Cow, Goat And Horse, Mule, Etc. But The Dog Is Kept By People For Its Loyalty And For Guarding The House.

Friends, Even If We Do Not Get Any Financial Benefit From Keeping A Dog, But There Are Many Benefits Of Keeping A Dog In The House, Then In This Post We Are Going To Give You Information About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Keeping A Dog, So If You Take A Dog In The House If You Want To Come, Then Before Bringing The Dog In The House, Definitely Read This Article, You Will Get An Idea That What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages. To Get Complete Information About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Dog, Do Read Our Post Till The End. 

Benefits Of Having A Dog 

Benefits of having a dog
Benefits of having a dog

Friends, First Of All Let’s Talk About The Benefits Of Having A Dog At Home –

1) Housekeeping – 

As Friends, The Dog Is Known For Its Loyalty, So The House Where The Dog Lives, He Also Guards That House. The Dog Is Very Beneficial For Guarding The House. The Dog Guards The House Of Its Owner. If A Stranger Sees The Dog Coming Towards The Owner’s House, The Dog Barks Loudly And Alerts Its Owner. Many People Keep Dogs To Guard Their Homes. 

2) For Official Work – 

Dogs Are Also Reared For Government Work. Dogs Have A Lot Of Ability To Hear, Smell And Run. Because Of This The Dog Can Catch The Thief Very Easily. That’s Why The Dog Is Brought Up After Training By The Police. 

3) Avoidance Of Yama – 

The Dog Is Also Called The Messenger Of Yama. Where Does It Go That Yama Doesn’t Come Around Us By Keeping A Dog. The Dog Is Also Called The Servant Of Bhairav ​​Devta. It Is Said That When We Give Some Food To A Dog, Lord Bhairav ​​Becomes Pleased And Saves The Person From Trouble. 

4) Protection From Evil Spirits – 

Keeping A Dog Also Protects Us From Evil Spirits. When An Evil Spirit Sees A Dog, It Runs Away From The Dog. Dogs Also Have The Ability To See Future Events. 

5) Remedy For The Problems Of Shani And Ketu – 

Keeping A Dog Is Very Beneficial To Remove The Problems Of Shani And Ketu. If You Want To Please Lord Shani, Then You Should Adopt A Dog. A Dog Is Also Kept To Correct The Effect Of Ketu. Lord Shani Becomes Very Pleased When A Person Feeds A Dog. Feeding Oiled Bread To A Dog Reduces The Problems Of Rahu And Ketu Along With Shani. 

6) Child Happiness – 

According To Lal Kitab, If A Person Is Facing Problems In Having A Child, Then He Should Keep A Black Or White Dog. By Keeping A Black Or White Dog, A Person Gets The Happiness Of A Child. This Remedy Is Also Good For The Health Of The Child. That’s Why You Can Keep A Black Or White Dog For The Health Of Your Child. 

7) Seeing A Dog In The Morning – 

It Is Considered Auspicious To See A Dog In The Morning. When A Person Sees A Dog After Waking Up In The Morning, Positive Energy Comes In Him. This Makes The Day Auspicious.

Disadvantages Of Having A Dog 

Friends, Now We Know Some Disadvantages Of Keeping A Dog –

1) Ominous – 

Barking And Crying Of A Dog Is Considered A Bad Omen. In Some Scriptures Also The Dog Has Been Called Unholy. Where Does It Go That Food Becomes Impure By The Touch And Sight Of A Dog. It Is Also Not Considered Good For A Dog To Roam Around The House And Whine. If A Dog Blocks The Way At The Time Of Auspicious Work, It Is Also Considered A Bad Omen. 

2) Gods Do Not Reside In The House – 

According To Belief, Gods Do Not Come To The House Where There Is A Dog. Where Does It Go That All The Worship Lessons Done In The House Where There Is A Dog Go In Vain. There Is Also Some Belief That The House Where There Is A Dog Is Also Considered To Be The Abode Of Yamdoot. Some People Say That In A House Where There Is A Dog, There Will Be Either Destruction Or There Will Be Progress. 

3) Infection And Bite Problem – 

There Are Many Problems Of Infection In The House Where There Is A Dog. Dogs Are Carnivores. Because Of This, There Are Many Infections In Dogs. Due To This, The Person Of The House Can Also Get Infected And The Problem Of Dog Bite Always Remains. A Dog Can Bite Anyone At Any Time. 

4) Economic Loss – 

Keeping A Dog Can Also Cause Financial Loss To You. Expenses Are Also Needed For The Dog’s Food And When The Dog Falls Ill, It Has To Be Taken To The Doctor. You Also Have To Pay For That. 

In This Post, We Have Given You Information About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Dog. Do Share Our Post. Thank You