Berger Picard

Berger Picard

Do you like sheepdogs? The Berger Picard, known as the Picard or Picardo’s Shepherd, is a race that was on the verge of extinction after the World Wars; however, with the help of volunteers and friends of these lovely animals, we can share our lives with him today.

Berger Picard

Although it is not very well known, we believe that it is a very friendly character for you to introduce it to.

The Origin and History of Berger Picard

Our hero This dog is a descendant of dogs that the Celts brought to France around 800 AD. C. After World Wars I and II, its population was on the verge of extinction and remains exceptional today with only about 3500 specimens left in their original location. (1) The United Kennel Club recognized them as a breed on 1 January 1994.

physical features

The Berger Picard is a medium-large dog, weighing 23 to 32 kg and height between 55 and 66 cm, with females being slightly smaller than males. Its head is well attached to the rest of the body, and its ears are erect. The legs are long and strong, and the tail is also long but without touching the ground.  (2) The hair, about 5-6 cm long, is protected by a layer of hard, dense hairs.

behavior and personality

The Berger Picard is a loyal, affectionate, and friendly dog. It is ideal for families with babies, especially if they are well-socialized by the age of two months. Like all sheep, it needs daily exercise, so it can be a good agility companion, for example. (3)

Berger Picard Care


You must have probably heard and read somewhere that we are what we eat. And this is what, depending on the diet of each of our dogs, we eat, we eat for better or worse health. For example, the Berger Picard will not have such a shiny and beautiful coat if it eats a forage made up of oats, corn, and other grains, then if it is fed a snow diet, or even mainly meat. A feed made of. (4)


One of the most common doubts that arise to all of us who get or adopt a dog for the first time is how often we have to brush its hair, or how often to bathe it. Well, with regards to the first question, it is highly advisable to brush at least once a day, but keep in mind that during molting season you will have to do it a little more often.

And as for the bath, you should not proceed to bathe it more than once a month. If it gets too dirty, try cleaning it with dry shampoo. You may be in for a (pleasant) surprise. (5)


Rain or shine, the Berger Picard should be brought to life outside of your home. It is not always good or appropriate to be between four walls, because for a sociable animal like him, it will make him feel bored and frustrated and eventually behave badly as a result of that imprisonment.

So, get yourself some toys and dog treats, and a nice harness and leash, and go out with your furry one to socialize with others.


The Berger Picard’s health in itself is quite good, but we should try to keep the vaccination schedule updated so that unforeseen incidents do not arise. In addition, the microchip must be implanted, as it is not only mandatory, but in case of loss or theft, you can have legal evidence that identifies you as its ‘owner’ (family).

In any case, it should be kept in mind that hip dysplasia is common in dogs that are older. Therefore, as soon as you notice that he is a little awkward, moves badly, and/or that he seems to be in pain, contact your vet as soon as possible. If it is detected early, it is more likely that the animal can lead a completely normal life.

How much does a Berger Picard puppy cost?

Berger Picards, or Picardy Shepherds, are not yet easy to find, and when they are for sale, the price is usually high. This round is 2000 euros, but it could be more.