Best Indian Dog Breeds

Best Indian Dog Breeds

Friends, If You Are Thinking Of Raising A Dog, Then You Need To Know Which Sea Breed Breed Is The Best In India. In This Post, We Are Going To Give You Information About The Best Indian Dog Breeds. We Get To See Dogs Everywhere, The Dog Is Also Considered The Most Loyal Animal. Dogs Do The Job Of Guarding The House Very Well. Friends, In Today’s Time Dogs Are Not Limited Only To Guarding The House, In Today’s Time Dogs Also Work In Police And Army. 

There Are Many Breeds Of Dogs In This World, Many People Want To Buy A Dog, For That They Need Information About The Breeds Of Dogs. That’s Why We Are Going To Give You Information About The Best Indian Dog Breeds In This Post.

Best Indian Dog Breeds –

Best Indian Dog Breeds
Best Indian Dog Breeds

1) Pariah –

Pariah This Dog Breed Is Considered One Of The Oldest Breeds In The World. According To The Recognition, This Dog Breed Of Pariah Dates Back To 4500 Years Ago. It Is Said That Some Remains Of This Dog Breed Were Also Found In Mohenjodaro. Pariah This Dog Breed Is Also Known By The Name Of South Indian Dog. If You Want To Have A Dog, Then This Dog Will Also Be The Best To Have. The Best Thing Is That These Dogs Do Not Get Tired Very Quickly. You Must Have Seen These Dogs Running In The Streets Many Times. You Can Raise These Dogs Very Easily Because There Is No Need To Spend Much Money On These Dogs. These Dogs Happily Eat And Drink Such Food Items As Roti, Bread And Milk.

2) Chippiparai –

Chippiparai This Dog Breed Is Mostly Seen In Tamil Nadu. There Is A Village Named Chippiparai In Tamil Nadu And This Dog Is Also Named After This Village. You Will Also Find A Lot Of Dogs Of This Breed Around The Periyar Lake In Kerala. These Dogs Are Considered Very Good. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Also Discussed About This Dog In His Mann Ki Baat Program. These Dogs Are Silver, Black, Light Yellow, Reddish Brown. These Dogs Can Hunt Very Well, So They Are Also Bred For Special Hunting. These Dogs Run Very Fast And Can Jump More Than 10 Feet. These Dogs Are Very Intelligent.

3) Mudhol Hound –

Mudhol Hound This Dog Is Very Loyal. This Dog Breed Is Mostly Found In Bagalkot Area Of ​​Karnataka. These Dogs Are Considered Very Good In Hunting And Speed. If We Talk About Hunting And Speed, Then These Dogs Are Much Better Than German Shepherd In These Matters. In Some Areas Of Karnataka, These Dogs Are Known By The Name Of Karvani. This Breed Of Dog Is Also Seen In America. In America, This Dog Breed Is Known By The Name Caravan Hound. When There Were Elections In Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Had Also Named This Dog For Loyalty. Mudhol Hound This Dog Breed Was Very Famous Even When The British Were Ruling Our Country. This Dog Was Inducted In The Indian Army In 2017.

4) Gaddi Dogs –

Gaddi Breed Dogs Are Also Known By This Name Bhotia. Gaddi Breed Dogs Are Found In These Areas Of Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Uttarakhand. These Dogs Are Devoted To Their Owners. Sheep Owners Keep Dogs Of This Breed. They Do The Work Of Protecting The Sheep. When A Wild Animal Tries To Attack The Sheep, These Dogs Fight With The Wild Animals And Save The Lives Of The Sheep And Their Owner. These Dogs Also Have A Lot Of Power.

5) Kanni –

Dogs Of Kanni Breed Work Very Well To Protect Their Owner’s House. Shuddha Is Called Kanni In Tamil. Dogs Of This Breed Are Very Loyal And True-Hearted, Hence They Have Been Given The Name Kanni. These Dogs Are Also Bred To Hunt Wild Animals. In Earlier Times, Landlords Used To Keep Dogs Of Kanni Breed. These Dogs Used To Guard The Houses And Farms Of The Landlords. Kanni Dogs Have A Life Span Of 14 To 16 Years. These Dogs Are Available From Rs.3000 To Rs.8000. Dogs Of The Kanni Breed Are A Bit Like The Dogs Of The Chippiparai Breed.

6) Kombai –

Kombai Breed Of Dogs Is Found In Tamil Nadu. Dogs Of The Kombai Breed Are Bred To Protect The House. Kombai Is A City In Tamil Nadu. Like Other Dogs, This Dog Is Also Named After The City. If You Want To Guard Your Home, Then You Should Adopt This Dog. This Dog Will Do The Job Of Guarding The House Very Well. These Dogs Are Strong, Clever And Devoted To Their Master. CRPF Has Also Recruited This Dog.

7) Jonangi –

Jonangi Breed Dogs Have Very Short And Soft Hair. Dogs Of Jonangi Breed Are Mostly Found In Andhra Pradesh. Apart From Andhra Pradesh, These Dogs Are Also Found In Some Areas Of Tamil Nadu, West Bengal And Karnataka. These Dogs Guard Houses And Fields Very Well. For This Reason They Are Bred To Guard The House And Farm. One Thing Is Different In These Dogs That They Are Loyal To Any One Person Or Family And Only Listen To Them. These Dogs Are Also Expert In Digging Pits. These Dogs Also Hunt Well, So They Are Also Bred For Hunting.

8) Bakharwal –

Bakharwal Breed Dogs Are Mostly Found In Pakistan And Afghanistan. Apart From This, These Dogs Are Also Found In Some Areas Of Jammu And Kashmir Of India. There Are Two Types In The Breed Of These Dogs. One Is Normal Bakharwal And The Other Is Ladakhi Bakharwal. Ladakhi Bakharwal Dogs Have High Barking Ability. These Dogs Are Mostly Reared By Bakarwal And Gurjar Tribes. It Is Said That Bakharwal Breed Is The Oldest Breed Of South Asia And They Are Being Reared By Gujjar Tribe For Years.

9) Kumaon Mastiff –

It Is Said That The Kumaon Mastiff Was Brought By Alexander With Him Before 300 BC. These Dogs Do The Work Of Guarding The Mountains. Apart From This, These Dogs Also Protect The House, Farm, Cow, Goat, Sheep. Dogs Of This Breed Are Not Found Much In India Now. It Is Said That There Are Only 150 To 200 Kumaon Mastiff Dogs Left In India.

10) Rajapalayam –

Like Other Dogs, This Dog Is Also Named After The City Of Rajapalayam In Tamil Nadu. The Dog Of Rajapalayam Breed Is Tall And Slender. The Life Of These Dogs Is More Than 20 Years. Dogs Of This Breed Are Known For Their Intelligence, Bravery And Agility. These Dogs Also Do The Work Of Hunting Wild Boars And Also Guard Them.

In This Post, We Have Given You Information About The Best Indian Dog Breeds. Do Share This Post Of Ours. Thank You !