Black and White Dog Names

Black and White Dog Names

When you think of black and white dogs, the Dalmatian will no doubt spring to mind. They don’t come in any other color, and their iconic turn in the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians will forever etch in the hearts of many dog ‚Äč‚Äčlovers. However, there are many more breeds and mutts that can have black-and-white markings. Some other common examples include the border collie, Boston terrier, and Well done. Choosing a name that matches a dog’s distinctive coat markings and hues is not uncommon. Black and white coat patterns can vary greatly. Some may have flaking, others small splashes of color, and some may even have mixed run flakes. Whatever marks your dog, hopefully, you can draw inspiration from the list of 35 black and white dog names we’ve gathered together below. 20 Unsurprisingly Cute Photos of Mixed Breed Dogs.

top black and white dog names

  1. patch
  2. place
  3. oreo
  4. marble
  5. Telecom Deptt
  6. mask
  7. clown
  8. dice
  9. chess
  10. Brock
  11. panda
  12. Flex
  13. Yin Yang
  14. Tuxedo
  15. Pie (Piebald)

Tips for Naming Your Dog

Where possible, stick with short and direct names. It makes it easier to pick up your dog and it’s a lot less embarrassing than yelling a long and convoluted name at the park. If you choose to choose something long because of personal importance, make sure it is something that can be easily abbreviated. Don’t pick a name in a hurry. Make sure everyone in the family is on board and you’re sure it’s appropriate and that you like it.

You are, hopefully, going to be using this name for many years to come, and the last thing you want to do is change it a few months down the line. Your dog can easily become confused or unsteady if your name is used in their name. If you have another pet in the house, make sure the name is different enough that they will vomit easily, and try not to go for something generic. This could spell mayhem at the local dog park! Whichever you go, you want to make it something that makes you smile, and that rolls off the tongue with ease.

More Inspirational Black and White Dog Names

Listed below are ten more names that might work for your black and white dog. Some are related to other animals in which these colors and others are related to the famous black and white dog characters from movies or books. We couldn’t resist including Snoopy on this list. He is Charlie Brown’s smart pet dog in the famous comic strip Peanuts. Snoopy means detective, and it is noteworthy that black and white are not recognized as a true hound color. Beagles are usually tri-colored with tan markings.

  1. Moo Cow
  2. Magpie
  3. zebra (zebra)
  4. Dodi (In honor of Dodi Smith, author of 101 Dalmatians)
  5. pongo
  6. Perdita
  7. stigma
  8. Snoopy
  9. pen (penguin)
  10. stormy

foreign language black and white dog names

If the choice of the patch, spot, or dotty is too predictable or obvious for your liking, you can opt for an exotic version of some of the more common options. We’ve provided some ideas, making sure the words aren’t too complicated and won’t sound too awkward when you miss your dog at the park.

  1. Saikoro (meaning dice in Japanese)
  2. Toppa (meaning patch in Italian)
  3. Mancha (meaning place in Spanish)
  4. Pinyin (meaning P and in Chinese)
  5. Shirokuro (meaning black and white in Japanese)
  6. checks (meaning chess in French) Dachs
  7. (meaning Brock in German)
  8. Adela (meaning Adhela in Hindi)
  9. Namah (meaning Zhai in Arabic)
  10. Tochka (meaning Department of Telecommunications in Russian)

other dog names

If none of the names provided above strike your fancy, take a look through these other dog name compilations for inspiration why.

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