Blue parrot

Blue parrot

One of the bird species most commonly used as pets today is the parrot. These are very funny animals that feel very happy when meeting their owner and try to sing and limit the human voice. They are birds that can be found in a variety of colors, although the first species were initially green. Today we are going to talk about blue parrot .

In this article we are going to tell you about all the characteristics, habitat, diet and care of blue parrot.

Blue parrot
Blue parrot

major features

It is a bird that measures approximately 17 centimeters and 35 grams on average and we find its origin in Australia. They are quite sociable birds and one of the most popular birds in the world. They are quite easily tamed and their calm and cheerful nature is endearing to them. They are intelligent animals and can learn to speak if we coax them.

Their life expectancy is usually around 8-10 years, depending on their care. It has 4 toes on its paws, two of which point forward and the other two backward. Plumage and it is one of the most attractive animals to have as a pet. and is that it has a bright blue color and its head is white with alternating stripes of blue. The eyes are located on either side of the head and the beak is characterized by a prominent upper part that protrudes from the lower part.

blue parrot behavior

When we have this type of parrot as a pet, we see that they are active and singing. The song is usually not as delicate as that of the canary, but if we put their words together, their character and their attractive plumage make them an excellent companion animal. They are animals that hardly require attention if they are with other parrots or other birds. Therefore, if we are busy people who are going to spend less time at home for work, the ideal is to have not a single blue parrot, but other species or other parrots next to you.

They have a jealous and possessive character that tends to trigger bad behavior when the bird is left alone. Other elements that we can use so that it does not feel sunny are cages that are used for entertainment and exercise. They must always be in the company of other birds or people in order to feel good.

So that you can get to know the species better, we are going to tell you about some of the main aspects of its behavior. They are animals that generally like noise, music and noise in the environment. Having the TV and radio on in the background can be fun for him. We also know that they like to be out in the sun but with some shade when they want to retire. Same goes for the bathroom. They like cool water and the company of other birds. They are generally curious and fun-loving animals that will always want to try new things. They like all the fuss as long as the noise is not too loud .

Some things you shouldn’t do with these types of birds is handle them or make sudden movements near them. They usually get scared easily. If you want, we can give you our hand to move forward. They will not hesitate to sit on our hand if they trust us to eat whatever food we offer them.

The blue parrot’s tail is somewhat delicate. During courtship the male will step on the female’s tail. However, the rest of the time it is a part of the body that should not be touched. And this is somewhat unpleasant for them. We must be especially careful not to disturb him by touching the tail. Parrots are regular animals. They have customs like eating fruits, myths against cage after eating, overturning food, spreading legs and wings before sleeping.

feeding a blue parrot

Let’s see what we should use to feed the blue parrot. Mostly their diet is based on sand, bird seed, millet and wheat germ. It is commonly found in the preparation of these parrots in establishments dedicated to it. There should never be a shortage of water in the drinker.

Another type of food that can eventually be included in your diet is fruits and vegetables. One of the fruits preferred by these animals is lettuce. For this reason it is advised to give him some vegetables like carrots, spinach and chard so that he can enjoy other food items as well. Thanks to this type of diet, they can get Vitamin A for their proper development.

Apples also contain a lot of water, but not so much as bananas, and this is another fruit they love. There can be no deficiency of calcium and iodine in the diet of blue parrot . Some preparations from animal stores serve to access these micronutrients. When they eat the seed, they leave the shell. This is why from time to time we must check our feeder, as it may appear full but may be empty of food. Cooked bread, pasta and rice can also be given from time to time. Sometimes even a little cottage cheese, egg or cooked meat.

Chocolate and salty foods should not be given. If you have a very obedient blue parrot, never give him food from your mouth. And it is that human saliva contains a bacteria that is toxic to these birds and can cause problems for your pet.

necessary care

Finally, we are going to describe some of the main care that you need to know in order to keep your blue parrot. The cage is where they will be for the longest time. Thus, it is essential that it has a good shape and good hygiene. The location of the house is the most important thing. It should be a busy place where much of the day is spent. If not, the parrot will feel lonely and abandoned. We must prevent it from being near the kitchen so that the animal does not breathe in the fumes or vapors.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the blue parrot and its characteristics.