Breeds of Talking Parrots

Breeds of Talking Parrots

In today’s article, we will know about Breeds of Talking Parrots. The desire to have a talking bird in the house is not new and original. However, this is quite understandable, because this bird will serve you as an interlocutor, and the acquisition will be both fashionable and interesting and attractive. Only the variety of parrot breeds is so great that it is very difficult to choose a particular breed.

Breeds of Talking Parrots

Breeds of Talking Parrots
Breeds of Talking Parrots

breed declaration

Gray Jaco correctly speaking the breed, or rather its list, parrots. Despite his nondescript color, his abilities are not superlative. Representatives of this breed are able to master more than stanzas and phrases. In addition to the richness of the lexicon, they still imitate intonation, timbre of the interlocutor and vocals. Do not be surprised – it really remembers and whistles simple melodies. On hearing, the conversation can be greeted with a person’s conversation.

There are no special problems with the material, but the presence of a complex nature obliges to treat it very carefully. It is annoyed by such features of his character, a long addiction to the place of residence, a tendency to occupy leadership positions, associated with fussiness and restlessness. Moving around the house, he loves to walk, very fond of showing a bad mood. But having found a common language with a passionate attitude, who is patiently and patiently attentive to it, one can count on their reciprocity.

Amazons occupy the next position on the list. More than twenty varieties belong to this breed, the most common of which are Venezuelan, blue-footed and Cuban. These birds are very bright, having a greenish plumage with white, blue, yellow and red markings. Of all the largest parrots, this breed is considered the easiest to train. For example, Amazon is considered the record holder in memorizing a large number of words that are pronounced clearly. However, voice intonation and intonation are not his strong points.

It’s not difficult to undercut Amazon. The adaptation period for them passes quickly, the behavior is calm, they prefer not to make noise and scandal. When Uvas has kids, the option on Amazon should be off. But he has one small drawback, if you can call it that, expressed in an increased need for comfort – they don’t like wagons.

But these parrots are very affectionate and devoted to their master.

Cockatoos are smaller than previous breeds. Magnificent plumage, cheerful disposition, energy and mobility are just one of the many reasons this breed is in demand. And they start speaking very quickly, pronouncing the words as clearly as possible. The ability to imitate the style of speech and intonation authority, gracefulness, good nature, tenderness and affection – this is far from a complete list of advantages of this breed.

But sometimes their affection looks like tyranny. A cockatoo, for example, if it is bullied, will constantly demand your attention, expressing it with a loud and persistent cry. If the owner will leave the house for some time, the parrots are bored and moping. And without a master they too may die. In general, with the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bcompletely relaxing, enjoying the silence, you can leave, because an energetic cockatoo – an amateur freak walking around the house, you simply will not give up this opportunity.

Of all the varieties of parrots Ara – This is the most talkative parrot, which has a great intelligence. Despite the fact that this breed is reduced to less than one word – that’s about twenty words, but they speak very clearly, understanding the topic that they are suitable for the position. In the proper sense can connect events with Soslovami. And they do it quite consciously.

Aru has a very bright and spectacular appearance – the plumage of the uni is very bright and colorful. They are very large, their curved beak giving them a distinctly scary appearance. Their civilized behavior is expressed in their lack of playfulness. Undemanding to care, these birds are really smart, they have practically no shortcomings. The only problem lies in the price of the saw, which may prove to be the only deterrent in its acquisition.

able spook

No special training is required to simulate human speech and other sounds in the parrot lory. But being disciples, they are very capable. These small in size with very brightly colored parrots have a friendly character and are easily amenable to pets. However, their content in home conditions is problematic due to their selectivity in food.

There are also Lorics in this group, they are extremely bright and easily trained. Their vocabulary may also include some words, but they do not have the ability to pronounce them clearly.

Large in size, having a bright exotic appearance, the parrot eclectus is easy to spot and easy to learn, but the worst talking of the rest of the reefs. He also has a character and, although he is not very talkative, he will be a lovely house pet, pleasing the eye with his beauty.

Wavy parrots

A separate topic I want to devote to a variety of parrots, which are called Wavy. Unlike expensive parrots, this breed can be purchased for an affordable price. These wavy girls will adequately cope with the sound of the home speaker. Even the pronunciation of the word is very obscure, be surprised by the number of these zoological words. They are very hard-trained and talkative with great pleasure, they are of a small size, are considered long-lived, and live well and multiply in captivity. They are the most widespread breed in our country, which does not require special conditions for its maintenance.