Can dogs eat raw meat

Can dogs eat raw meat

Can dogs eat raw meat: Let’s know about Can dogs eat raw meat. Never feed a dog food raw meat , such a statement can be found on such a forum where issues of dog feeding are discussed. And others strongly recommend that you be sure to douse the meat with boiling water to kill all the infection.

The next time your beloved dog eats something, pay attention to how he does it, because he chews very little and swallows the food almost whole. Its teeth are well adapted for biting off a piece and poorly adapted for chewing completely.

In comparison with us, in humans, food begins to be digested in the mouth (under the influence of certain carbohydrate enzymes), while in the dog it only enters the stomach, since its saliva does not contain enzymes.

In addition, the dog’s intestine is shorter, the stomach is larger and the acidity of the gastric juice is higher, of course, this comparison is relative.

It turns out that feeding a dog with raw meat, as nature intended, the muscle fibers soften in the acidic gastric juice, and the muscles of the stomach squeeze the food harder. It can be said figuratively that the dog chews with the stomach.

But when minced meat or even worse broth enters the digestive tract , then gastric juice is secreted, and there is nothing to digest, there are no dense muscle fibers, then digestion is disturbed. In addition, the dog practically does not digest those cereals that contain a lot of gluten: barley, barley, wheat, and everyone’s favorite oatmeal, well, the dog does not have enzymes that can break down grains.

Can dogs eat raw meat
Can dogs eat raw meat

You can go on comparing the digestive systems of two biological species: humans and dogs, but the main thing is to understand that they are different and adapted to different products.

Of course, the dog can be fed boiled or fried meat and most likely she will eat it well, but after heat treatment many essential nutrients in the meat are destroyed. Boiled meat is poorly digested, it violates the natural ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. When you feed an animal with boiled meat, it is more difficult to balance the diet, you need to additionally include vitamins, trace elements and other components.

And what if they feed a dog raw meat, so it doesn’t need to add anything else? Of course, it is necessary, but with such food he needs less supplements. You can read more about how to feed a dog natural food.

Why or when not to feed your dog raw meat

Over the years, animals have adapted to certain types of food that do better than others. For example, a wolf eats a predominantly herbivorous diet, but there are also unfavorable times when it switches to alternative food sources: mice, frogs, berries, insects, and roots. In order to survive, you can temporarily eat food that is not quite suitable, and how long an animal can eat food that is not its own depends on the strength of the body.

Often when it comes to dog nutrition, they give me the example of homeless or rural dogs who are fed whatever, and nobody balances their diet, but they survive. In response to this argument, I give the example of a man who drank and smoked and died at 85, and another man who played sports and died in his old age. But we know that smoking and alcohol are not beneficial, just such a person has a strong body that can withstand additional damage. Similarly, yard dogs have good health – they have undergone natural selection and can adapt to inappropriate diets.

Now coming back to the question of why and when you should not feed raw meat to your dog. More precisely, you can feed, but not all dogs have the health to digest raw meat.

A living organism can adapt to other food, as in the example of the wolf, but some individuals have not only lost the ability to adapt, but also cannot digest their normal food normally. Our pets are one such example, they can be compared to a person with an ulcer or chronic gastritis, who has to eat everything that is mashed and steamed.

Many pedigree animals raised artificially have a number of chronic diseases, including those of the digestive system, so they cannot eat raw meat. Pedigree dogs (not at all) have a small margin of safety and react quickly to errors in diet. You’ve probably seen your dog repeatedly have diarrhea or vomiting after eating something unusual. Therefore, it is possible to feed a dog with raw meat if it does not have serious diseases, and if it is, then it should be treated, if it does not work, then transferred to a special diet.

raw meat will turn into worms


So, if your dog is in good health then you can feed it raw meat. And if diarrhea, vomiting or other symptoms appear after such feeding, you need to find the cause, determine why the dog cannot eat raw meat. If treatment is not possible, transfer the animal to a good formulated food or maintain a diet of processed foods.

It is a mammal and requires less variety of diet than humans. Only raw meat or special food is not only harmful, but also criminal. In this case, sooner or later the animal’s body will certainly lack some important element, which can lead to health problems.

However, it should be remembered that the most important thing in any diet is moderation. If the question “to give or not to give cheese to the dog” can be answered in the affirmative, but there is also a second question, the answer to which is not so simple and clear: “how much, when, how and what to give the dog.