Can dogs have popcorn

Can dogs have popcorn

Let’s know about Can dogs have popcorn. An evening sitting on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn is one of those little pleasures in life that we love to share with our dear ones. And of course our best friends have never missed this homemade show, but can a dog eat popcorn? That’s what many teachers ask themselves when they see the “beggar” faces of their dogs gazing at pots of freshly prepared popcorn.

Here at PeritoAnimal, we always encourage tutors to encourage them to feed their dogs a more natural and balanced diet. Therefore, we also try to answer frequently asked questions from owners, such as if a dog can eat bread or if your dog can eat eggs . Today we decided to talk about one of the most beloved snacks in Brazil and in the world, our invariable companions in movies and series: popcorn.

So in order not to leave you in doubt, I want to make it clear here in the introduction that popcorn is not one of the foods that dogs can eat . On the contrary, its excessive or uncontrolled consumption can cause serious digestive problems and harm the health of our best friends. And in this new article, I will explain to you in detail why popcorn is not dog food. Come on?

Can dogs have popcorn
Can dogs have popcorn

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn: Myth or Truth?

As you can already read in the introduction, popcorn is not a suitable food for dogs. Therefore, it is a myth that a dog can eat popcorn and you shouldn’t give it to your best friend.

Why can’t my dog ​​eat popcorn?

Popcorn is not a dog food for several reasons and the first is that it does not offer any nutrients that benefit a dog’s diet . If you want to introduce new foods into your dog’s diet, you need to give preference to those that contain nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber, which promote digestion and strengthen the dog’s immune system. help strengthen. And of course, as we’ve always mentioned, it’s important to consult a veterinarian before introducing a new food or making any changes to your best friend’s diet.

At this time, it is also important for us to be more aware of our own nutrition. Many popular snacks, such as popcorn or potato chips, provide more empty calories and fat than nutrients that are beneficial to our bodies. Does this mean we should stop eating popcorn? Not necessary, but we should consume it in a very moderate manner.

Does this mean you shouldn’t give my dog ​​popcorn? Yes it does. Because in addition to not benefiting you nutritionally, popcorn can also harm your dog’s health . Keep reading to learn more.

Why you shouldn’t feed your dog popcorn

To understand why you shouldn’t give your dog popcorn, first of all, I want to point out that dog- popped popcorn, natural and without preservatives, is already hard for dogs to digest . Therefore more recommended are vegetables and grains for dogs, such as brown rice, spinach, carrots, oats, well-cooked peas or squash, which your dog can digest more easily and utilize their nutrients better .

Besides the fact that corn is difficult to digest , popcorn is a snack that contains a lot of fat and salt . And those famous industrial popcorns that we buy to make in the microwave still contain preservatives, artificial flavors and seasonings, and an exaggerated amount of salt.

In addition to digestive problems, excess fat can lead to rapid weight gain and increased cholesterol levels in dogs. Excess LDL cholesterol (the so-called “bad cholesterol”) often favors the accumulation of non-dissolving fatty plaques in the arteries, which favors the development of heart disease. Too much salt is also harmful to a dog’s heart health and can lead to a case of canine hypertension.

We can imagine the possibility of making a homemade popcorn, made in a pan with little oil or steam, without preservatives and without salt. Obviously, this snack will be much less dangerous or harmful to our dear ones than industrial popcorn. But let’s be realistic and admit that hardly anyone prepares popcorn without oil and salt, and most people prefer microwave popcorn bags, which are the ones that cause the most harm to our dogs because of the amount of salt and artificial ingredients they contain.

That’s why, although it’s not always banned in dog food, popcorn is not a beneficial or safe food for your best friend. To please or reward your dog during his training, you can choose a more natural and healthy snack .

My Dog Ate Popcorn, Now What?

If your dog ate a very small dose of homemade popcorn, made with little oil, no preservatives and no salt, the ingestion would probably prove harmless and your dog would not be adversely affected. . Either way, it is important that you give your dog plenty of water and pay close attention to his behavior during the 48 hours after ingesting popcorn, as this is the time it takes for his body to eliminate the toxins. And drinking plenty of water will help with this detox process.

However, if your dog has eaten microwave popcorn or homemade popcorn with lots of oil and salt, it will probably show symptoms of constipation , such as gas, vomiting or diarrhea. It is also logical that your dog is very thirsty and wants to drink a lot of water due to excessive consumption of salt and artificial flavors.

So if your dog eats popcorn, the best thing you can do is take it to the vet to rule out the possibility that this treat is bad for its health. If the ingestion is mild or harmless, your puppy will be under observation, depending on the vet’s experience.

However, should your best friend develop adverse effects as a result of this improper intake, they will have trained professionals assess the need for gastric lavage and offer the most appropriate treatment to restore your well-being.

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