Caravan hound

Caravan hound

Height:22-28 inch
weight:45-85 pounds
Life span:12-plus years
colour’s:Sable, Cream, Red, Fawn, Grey, Black
Suitable for:Active families looking for watchdogs
Mood:safe, loyal, sensitive

The Caravan Hound is also known as the Maratha Hound and the Mudhol Hound. Even the official kennel clubs can’t agree on a name, as they all register dogs differently.

This breed is quite rare in the western part of the world. Few, if any, exist in Europe and America. This breed is native to India, where they are predominantly today. They are mostly bred by 750 different families attempting to market the puppies. It is also difficult to find information about this animal outside India.

This breed is relatively new, which may explain why they are so rare. They have only been bred since the early 1900s, when they were developed by the Mudhol royal family. Prior to this, they were a completely indigenous breed that could not be traced.

Today, this dog is largely kept by local families in India for hunting, guarding and companionship. They are extremely multipurpose animals.

Caravan Hound Puppies – Before You Buy

How much do Caravan Hound puppies cost?

These dogs are rare in Europe and the United States. They are not recognized by any major kennel club outside India. For this reason, most puppies need to be imported. When deciding on costs, it is important to take travel into account when determining the price of a puppy. You must also meet your country’s requirements for importing a dog, which usually involves the animal receiving certain vaccinations and seeing a vet. Of course, this will also cost money.

Luckily, these dogs are extremely affordable. You can expect to pay around $100 for a dog. A pair can cost up to $200. This does not include transportation. However, given that the US Some dogs cost thousands of dollars in the U.S. You probably wouldn’t pay that much for this dog.

3 little known facts about the Caravan Hound

1. King George V was once given a pair of Caravan Hounds.

The breed was noticed and specially revived by Shrimant Rajasaheb Malojirao Ghorpade of Mudhol, who was part of the Mudhol royal family. He noticed that the local people used the dog for hunting and began selectively breeding the dog. He presented two dogs to King George V when he came to visit.

2. They are used by the military.

The Indian Army has used this dog for surveillance and border security duty. So far only six dogs are being used as trials. Although more are likely to come.

3. Breeding of these dogs in India is very profitable.

People who own this dog in India often have a higher income than others in their same economic class. Of course, some breeders produce higher quality dogs than others and, therefore, can sell their dogs for more.

Caravan Hound’s temperament and intelligence

The temperament of this dog is often misunderstood. They are commonly thought to be aggressive, when this is not necessarily the case. These dogs are rather reserved with strangers, but they are fiercely loyal to their families. For this reason they have been used as guard dogs. However, socialization can help them learn to adjust to strangers and reduce their territorial tendencies.

They have a gentle nature and are often quite good with children, as long as they have been properly socialized. Then, they will be most affectionate with their family, not random strangers.

They make great watchdogs and can deter intruders to a great extent. This is especially true for large dogs, as they tend to be “scarier” than smaller dogs.

The breed is actually quite easy to train, but it does require a soft hand. These dogs are known to be sensitive, especially with tough training techniques. If they are severely reprimanded, they can become anti-social or even aggressive. They are not very forgiving in this regard. They are very easygoing dogs when treated gently.

Are these dogs good for families?

These dogs are extremely loyal to their families and are often quite gentle. They are sensible as long as they are introduced to children at an early age. Their large size means there isn’t much children can do to hurt them, making fear-based bites less likely.

Of course, their sensitive nature means that children should never be allowed to mistreat a dog. The dogs will remember this and may hold it against the child as they grow older. It is not uncommon for these dogs to shy away from humans whom they believe have harmed them.

Does this breed get along with other pets?

This breed can get along well with other dogs as long as they are regularly socialized. This prevents them from developing protective instincts against them. They often get on well with the dogs they have been raised with. That said, they can be introduced to new dogs as long as it is done slowly and correctly. Don’t throw a new dog into Caravan Hound’s territory and expect them to get along.

Like most sighthounds, these dogs have a high prey drive. They will chase anything smaller than themselves that starts running. This means they don’t often get along with cats or other small animals. They will chase and may even kill runaway animals. Socialization and training don’t do much to correct this problem. It is a dog’s nature to chase things.

Things to know about owning a Caravan Hound

food and dietary requirements

The Caravan Hound has no specific dietary requirements. A high quality food is recommended, as this breed is mostly used to living off meat. You should look for a formula that includes plenty and little filler. It may cost more than other options. However, the improved health of your dog will also help you save money in the future.

This dog doesn’t suffer from any specific health problems that can be prevented with diet, so you won’t need to worry about changing his diet for medical reasons.


These dogs require a lot of exercise. They need long daily walks and a good run at least a few times a week. Since they are a respirator, you should avoid taking them off unless they are in an enclosed area. They will chase things and potentially get lost.

They have a lot of endurance, which means you have to dedicate more to their exercise routine than other breeds. These canines enjoy sports and activities such as lure fetch and agility training. These can be useful for wearing the dog down in a way that doesn’t just involve walking. A fenced yard is extremely helpful for keeping these dogs active, as it allows them to play games like fetch without the possibility of getting lost.


This dog is relatively easy to train and is very obedient to its family. However, they will not listen to strangers, which is one reason why they are such good guard dogs. Training must be done with a gentle hand, as these dogs can be quite sensitive. Harsh training methods can make a dog distrustful and obedient. They may try to avoid the person who has wronged them and may even become aggressive.

Fortunately, these dogs are often motivated by food, which can be helpful during training. As long as they are exercised properly, consuming low to moderate treats usually does not lead to obesity.


This dog does not require much of a grooming routine. They don’t need to bathe unless they get physically dirty. Bathing too much can strip them of their protective oils, which can lead to irritation and even skin infections. These dogs shed a lot, so twice a week brushing is recommended. You should plan to check his ears during these grooming sessions as well, as dirt can easily become trapped and potentially cause an infection.

Their nails will also need to be trimmed regularly, and their teeth should be kept relatively clean. Other than this general maintenance, these dogs don’t require much grooming and do a good job of keeping themselves clean.

health and conditions

These dogs are very healthy. There is no known genetic condition that they are prone to. There are few studies on this breed, however, so there may be something we don’t yet know about.

Either way, they are still healthy dogs.

male vs female

There is no significant difference between males and females of this breed. Their overall size varies so widely that it is impossible to determine overall differences between the two sexes.

final thoughts

The Caravan Hound is a rare dog outside India. They are mostly used as hunting dogs, although they are also used as guard dogs. They are most popularly used by tea and coffee growers in India to keep rabbit populations under control, leading to better harvests.

While they have a reputation for being aggressive, these dogs are actually no more aggressive than other breeds. They are aloof from strangers and may not appreciate being pet by someone they don’t know. However, early socialization can make them suitable family pets. They are also loyal, which makes them good watchdogs.