Clumber Spaniel Puppies

Clumber Spaniel Puppies

Let’s know about the Clumber Spaniel Puppies. The Clumber Spaniel breed originated in England in the late 18th century. Some English cynologists claim that these spaniels are of French origin. French scientists, on the other hand, attribute the breeding of the breed to English.

Clumber Spaniel Puppies

It is well established that the fashion for the Clumber Spaniel was introduced to France by the Duc de Nole. After the start of the Great French Revolution, the Duke sent his dogs to English Nottinghamshire for the estate of his friend the Duke of Newcastle, Clumber Park. Hence the name of these dogs – the clumber of spaniels. Soon the duke died, and his dogs were released to Britain, where the breed standard was adopted in the 19th century. It is believed that the Basset Hound and the Alpine Spaniel were involved in the formation of the breed. There is also an opinion about the inclusion in the breed of St. Bernards.

The English aristocracy enthusiastically protected the breed of these dogs from wide distribution, and, mainly, introduced it to noble homes.

Currently, the Clumber Spaniel is widely distributed in Sweden and America, less common in European countries.

Description of the Breed Clumber Spaniel

The appearance of the Clumber Spaniel differs greatly from that of other types of spaniels, but still, basically, it is just a spaniel.

The dogs of the Clumber Spaniel breed are considered the heaviest, but not the largest, of all spaniels. They usually weigh 29.5 to 36.5 kg.

Growth in males – from 48 to 51 centimeters, in bits – from 43 to 48 centimeters.

A typical Clumber Spaniel is a low, tall, heavy dog. A massive body and strong constitution are designed to give the dog strength and stamina in game production in dense forest rocks and white in color to make the dog more noticeable during hunting.

The pose on Clumber is proud, the expression of the eyes usually thoughtful, sleep-soft, quite revived in anticipation of the game.

This dog has a big, huge head. Eyes – Large, deeply set, with a fine articulation and diamond-shaped or circular incision, a thick dark amber colour. The third eyelid is often seen.

The skull is flat with occipital tubercles. There is a hollow in the center of the skull between the eyes. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle – a sharp, superciliary arch – pronounced, heavy. The muzzle is wide and deep, intended for sporting imports. The nostrils are large, colored in various tones of brown, including pink, cherry and beige. The large upper lip covering the lower jaw gives a square shape to the entire muzzle.

The ears are triangular, with rounded ends at the base, low set, thick and broad.

A Clumber Spaniel typically has a long, muscular neck. This allowed the appearance of a sagging skin on the sore or a dewlap. The body is elongated, the back is straight and long, the chest is deep and wide. The ribs should be convex, and the groin should be slightly tight.

There is a slight landing on the back of the tail, turned off according to the needs and proportions of the adult dog. A calm position should have a horizontal position.

The limbs are powerful, with strong bones and strong muscles. The paws on the forelimbs are small and rounded in their large size and rounded, with the feet apart.

The coat of dogs of the Clumber Spaniel breed should be straight, thick and close fitting. To the touch, the wool is soft, not hard, it protects the animal well from adverse weather conditions. On the ears, the hair is more straight and thick. Small abrasions are allowed on the abdomen and extremities. On the neck, a long coat can form a “jabat”. Paws and paws can be trimmed to emphasize their natural lines. Haircut around the neck is not allowed. It is allowed to shorten the mustache a little and tie the tail on the tail.

Hair cutting is not allowed on other parts of the dog’s body.

The color of dogs of this breed is mostly white with lemon or orange spots and cakes. Equally valued are pure whites on the muzzle and spots around one or two eyes. High value is represented by dogs of pure white color, which are extremely rare. The fewer spots on a dog’s body, the better.

Usually pure white puppies are born in this breed. The Clumber Spaniel acquires spots as early as 1 month of age.

Moving Spaniel Dogs – The Clumber breed should be free and easy, with good amplitude of foreground swing and a strong back push, which should not cross between themselves. Because of the wide body and short limbs, the scented Clumber-Spaniel’s gait resembles a slowdown, with a slight slant. With such a trot he can move throughout the day without fatigue.

Nature of Dogs Clumber Spaniel Breeds

Such spaniels are a great friend for a dog owner who has no experience with dogs. Plus, Clumber Spaniel puppies and adult dogs are very secure and lovingly show themselves when dealing with children. It is believed that dogs of this breed cannot be offended.

The character of a typical Clumber Spaniel should be incomparable and dependable, loyal and affectionate. This is one of the calmest and most sociable companions in the canine world.

Of course, Clumber Spaniels do not differ in speed from other types of Spaniels and are rather lazy, but they are distinguished by an excellent sense of smell and good stamina. Also it can be taught to import, that is, to bring prey.

Clumber Spaniels are generally reserved about strangers, but they never show misfortune or aggression. They readily obey orders, take all orders with pleasure, are very calm and do not require a leash. Communication with dogs of this breed will bring joy to both young children and elderly people.