Cool rabbit

Cool rabbit, Why are rabbits so calm

Let’s know about the cool rabbit. When we think of bringing a pet into our home, we have to keep many things in mind. For example, the noise and noise they produce, especially if you are living in an apartment and your neighbors live very close to your house/flat.

Cool rabbit

Dogs and parrots are one of those pets that are infamous for this matter – they can cause quite a commotion with their barking and howling. However, the cat’s meow is not as hoarse as it sounds. On the other end are pets like fish and rabbits, which make almost no sound. (1)

but why?

Why do rabbits make almost no sound?

Although rabbits make some sounds, their intensity is very low. Why are rabbits so silent?

Here we have listed some of the reasons behind their silence: (2)

  • Predators: In the wild, rabbits have various predators and therefore have to keep their voice low. Even if a hunter smells them, it will be difficult for him to find the rabbit if he cannot hear their voice. If they are found, they can be hunted. Even if adult rabbits manage to escape, predators can still kill their newborn babies if they somehow find their nest. (3)
  • If your rabbit is unusually silent, it could also mean that he is either depressed, or perhaps unwell. Rabbits aren’t quite silent – they make a variety of sounds. Once you know the normal sound levels of a particular rabbit, you will know when it has suddenly gone silent. Rabbits are fairly consistent in their behavior – any change in behavior could indicate illness or pain. Investigate the reasons behind his behavior, and possibly take him to the vet if possible. (4)

So, don’t be fooled by their silence. They communicate with each other through sound. If they feel threatened, or have been hurt, they may also scream loudly, very loudly. This is something you probably won’t like to hear coming out of your pet rabbit’s mouth. So, keep them safe. (5)

If you often take your pet rabbits out for a walk or play, be extra cautious. Domestic rabbits are not as alert (and silent) and fast as wild rabbits, and can easily fall prey to predators.


Although rabbits are silent creatures, they do so for a special reason – their survival depends on their hearing, not their ability to make sounds.

Rabbits have long ears, and they are always on the alert, listening for any new sounds. You could say they are good listeners!

However, don’t get confused. Rabbits make a variety of sounds to communicate with other rabbits and us humans. They also communicate with their body language. We just need to observe them closely and know the meaning of their sounds. We will cover this aspect in a separate article of ours.