Curly haired Dogs

Curly haired Dogs

El curly-haired he is a lovely furry man who, in addition to enjoying the love that comes from his family, is one of the few dogs that can be involved in canine sports, such as agility or disc-dog.

Despite its size, it has such a good character that it is sure to win the hearts of all the family members. Therefore, we are going to tell you .

Curly haired Dogs

Origin and History

Curly-haired dog is originally believed to be from England. Residents of the extinct English Water Spaniels, and other retrievers such as the poodle, it was initially used to retrieve prey, but later moved with rangers for their jobs. However, shortly before the First World War and in 1919 thereafter, it went through a phase in which it was on the verge of extinction forever, as the farmer became a favorite of hunters. (1) And the worst part is that it never fully recovered until the 60’s, when many copies were imported into the United States.

Fortunately, the Curly-Coated Retriever Club of America was founded in 1979. Today we can enjoy the company of this wonderful dog for the FCI ( International Canine Federation) and other associations such as the AKC, CKC, and UKC Gun Dogs.  (2)

Physical Appearance

It is a medium-large dog, with a weight of 32 to 36 kg and a height of 62 to 67 cm, with the female being somewhat smaller and less heavy than the male. Its body is strong, slightly elongated, it is elongated, covered with curly black or brown plumage. Its head is round, covered with ears, and has black or brown eyes. The legs are wide and the tail is not very long. (3)

The life expectancy of is 12 years.

behavior and personality

Despite having a past as a hunting dog, it is currently an animal that can adapt without problems to living with any family as long as you take it out for walks and exercise every day. We do. For the rest, he is very cheerful, and intelligent, likes to have fun and at times just relaxes on the couch while they look after him.



It is highly recommended that a curly-haired retriever be given some sort of grain-free feed. A kilo costs between €3 and €7, depending on the brand, (4) but the benefits are notable: for example, you will notice that your hair becomes shiny, or that your teeth regain their natural health.

You also need to look at the label of the ingredients of the treats you give them, as they can cause food intolerance or allergy if they contain grains.


Good hygiene is essential for the well-being of the animal. Therefore, you will be given a bath once a month (although if you get very dirty earlier, you can take a shower earlier, it is better to wait because if you bathe too often, your skin may shed a layer of fat). will end up losing) protects it.). (5)

Curly-haired dog needs daily brushing twice even in summer. In addition, it will be necessary to bathe him with dog shampoo once a month.

The eyes and ears also need to be cleaned from time to time with specific eye drops.


An attractive animal with curly hair, but a moderate energy level. This means he needs to exercise for a while each day, because if he doesn’t, he’ll store up a lot of energy, causing him to perform behaviors that his human family doesn’t like. Some of these unwanted behaviors may be, for example, excessive barking, or breaking of furniture.

Likewise, it must also be said that signing him up for a sports club can be very interesting, as in this he can interact with other dogs, learn new tricks, and do physical exercises, … And last and not least, Strong can’t be with you, his favorite human.


Hip dysplasia and abdominal cramps are two diseases that can affect your dog. But if the symptoms are detected early, the animal will be able to make a full recovery, or almost not, but later.

In addition, you should take him to the vet to be vaccinated and microchipped.

How much does a curly-haired dog puppy cost?

Would you like to live with a Curly Haired Retriever? If you answered yes, the first thing you need to do is discuss this with your family, as the dog needs to be at home with you in order to be happy.

Then you have to look for breeding sites. As soon as you find one that gives you confidence, take advantage of it and ask it for everything you need and want to know. You can ask, for example, about the dog’s family, if they have had a serious illness, and what is their character, …

Of course, you also need to know its price. To give you an idea, the average price of a puppy of this breed is about 1000 euros. If it has been raised in a good place, the animal will be delivered to you healthy and with all papers.