Difference between jaguar and panther

Difference between jaguar and panther

Let us know about the difference between jaguar and panther. There are a few species within the cat family that are so similar in morphology that we have doubts between one and the other. Jaguar and leopard are one of these species . There are many people who confuse these two animals because they do not fully understand their characteristics. Jaguars have a great physical resemblance to leopards, although it also has some characteristics that make them different.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the difference between jaguar and leopard and all their characteristics.

jaguar and panther

Difference between jaguar and panther
Difference between jaguar and panther

Jaguar is known by the scientific name Panthera onca . It is a carnivorous mammal belonging to the group of cats and leopards. This means that it belongs to the Panthera genus . It is the only species of the extant five species found in Central and South America. They usually inhabit moist and dense forests, although we can find these animals in leafy forests and open lands as well.

Difference between jaguar and panther
Difference between jaguar and panther

It is normal for it to have a lot of physical resemblance to a leopard, but there are many differences between jaguars and leopards. Jaguars have a larger size and a more robust constitution. Furthermore, both behavior and habitat make it more closely related to tigers. In terms of lifespan, jaguar specimens usually live for about 12 years if they are in the wild and about 20 years if they are in captivity . There is a record of a woman who lived for 32 years.

Jaguar Signs

Let us first talk about the characteristics of jaguar to know the difference between jaguar and leopard. The weight of this first animal is usually between 56 and 96 kg, although many males weigh up to 158 kg. It all depends on the conditions where it can grow, and whether it is in the wild or in captivity. Generally, individuals in captivity tend to be overweight due to low physical activity and nutritional stability. Its body measures between 162 and 183 cm and its tail can measure between 75 cm. His height is between 67 to 76 cm.

It has pale yellow and reddish-brown fur with some rose-shaped spots. These spots and the mix between colors allow you to blend in with the woods without any problems. However, the color may vary depending on the region where it is located and the ecosystem itself. For example, jaguars living in dense forests are darker in color than those living in open areas. Everything is due to the process of adaptation. On the other hand, the abdomen along with the neck and legs are usually white.

The eyes are very large to provide binocular vision and have a reflective membrane. The reflective membrane allows them to see in the dark just like dogs. As olfaction, they are capable of detecting the scent of their prey over great distances.

treats and feeding

Regarding the behavior of this animal, we see that it is a solitary animal except during the mating season. It is then that this animal will look for a sixth mate to reproduce for about 4-5 weeks. When the female gives birth after 90–105 days of gestation , the male is not allowed near the pups because of the risk of infant cannibalism. This is one of the differences present between jaguar and leopard, as it is not present in leopards. This happens with tigers. Only the female takes care of her young.

Furthermore, they usually produce more or less 2-4 pups that stay with the mother until they are 2 years old. Then the older specimens face each other until they find their own territory.

As for food, the jaguar is a carnivore that feeds on large prey. It feeds mainly on diurnal mammals such as capybaras, tapirs or deer. You can also add other small species to its diet such as frogs, some species of fish, birds, turtles, etc. It can also eat alligators or anacondas. And it is that he does not have any problems with the choice of food. Some curiosity about this animal is that you can hunt and drag wild animals weighing up to 300 kg. With hunting techniques, he can kill almost any person as he hits directly into the bones of the skull until piercing through them to reach the brain.

It is very difficult for this animal to escape from its cage as it does so by ambushing its prey.

difference between jaguar and leopard

Let us see what are the differences between Jaguar and Leopard:

  • The main point of all is the location. Leopard lives in India and Jaguar lives in America. It is common to find some cheetahs in Africa as well.
  • Another difference is that the panther is smaller, but it has great resistance in its claws. Thanks to this, it can propel prey to trees, something that jaguars cannot do.
  • Another difference is that the black spots of the leopard are smaller than those of the jaguar. They differ from a finer and more attractive jaguar skin.
  • Weight is also a difference between jaguar and leopard. Leopards usually weigh around 70 kg, while jaguars weigh more than 100 kg.

Nothing will separate these more readily than looking at the area of ​​distribution and habitat of each of these animals. However, the problem people have is that they want to separate them in the photo, which is very difficult. They are animals that have some characteristics in common because they belong to the same genus. They are felines and have a similar way of life. Both are hunters and carnivores.

As you can see, there are features and differences between jaguar and leopard. They are two of the most famous animals in the world. I hope with this information you will be able to know more about jaguar and leopard.