difference between leopard and cheetah

Difference between leopard and cheetah

Let us know about the difference between leopard and cheetah. Today we are going to talk about two big cats which have very similar characteristics and are very famous. About panther and cheetah . They are two big cats that have very similar skin and features. They have many things in common like size, natural habitat, etc.

So, in this article we are going to tell you all the features, curiosities and differences between leopard and cheetah.

leopard and cheetah

difference between leopard and cheetah
difference between leopard and cheetah

One of the characteristics of the cheetah that is most recognizable to the naked eye is that it is considered the fastest animal in the terrestrial world. However, this characteristic does not help to distinguish it from the leopard. One of the features that make the two species easy to distinguish is that the cheetah has fine black lines that run from the tear duct to the corner of the mouth. This means that we have to see the animal from the front to properly identify it.

Another fundamental aspect that is more plausible for their difference is that, although both cats have yellow and spotted fur, the black spots of the cheetah are smaller and rounder, while those of the leopard are rectangular in shape.

Cheetah is a large and very tall animal. Sometimes it can reach two meters in length. However, it is less muscular than the leopard. While the first is capable of weighing 60 kg, the second can reach up to 90 kg. On the other hand, we have one characteristic that the leopard has and that is that it has a large and round head.

We can say that the difference between a panther and a cheetah is that the cheetah is a lighter and more slender animal whose morphology is adapted to be able to reach higher speeds. However, his other partner is a kitten with a larger, more muscular body. These features differ because each has a function in the ecosystem and way of life. Therefore, each of the two has characteristics that make it eco-friendly.

Leopard and Cheetah Abode

One of the fundamental aspects in the difference between the two animals is that the leopard is part of the genus Panthera. Within this genus are also found the lion, jaguar, tiger and the snow leopard . In contrast, the cheetah belongs to a completely different genus. It belongs to the genus Acinonyx. It is the only stable species in this genus. Species belonging to the Panthera genus have some special structures that allow them to roar. Thus, both panther, lion, tiger or jaguar can emit these screeching sounds, whereas cheetah cannot.

Now we’re going to talk about housing. Another difference that exists between leopard and cheetah is the habitat they live in. The former is a more adaptable animal and has been able to be distributed from Africa to Southeast Asia. It can be found in some sub-Saharan countries, in the Arabian Peninsula and in India, among others. It is able to live alongside lions in the plains and forests of the African savannah. Another feature that helps them adapt to the environment is that they can co-exist with tigers that come to share a habitat. It is rare, but leopard and cheetah can live in the same place.

This animal is native to the African savannah, although it is believed that some specimens have survived in Iran. It is a more endemic species and does not have a wide range like the leopard.

hunting techniques

What we must keep in mind is its hunting ability. Both species have great hunting abilities. Cheetah is considered to be the fastest land animal in the world. Being capable of reaching speeds of between 115 and 400 km/h up to a space of 95 metres. This is one of the problems you will face while hunting. It is capable of reaching these speeds, I expect, for very short periods of time and with high energy costs. It has a very broad chest and lungs in proportion to other cats, as well as very large nostrils. These have been developed to be able to take large breaths of air and withstand all this speed.

Its spines are nearly reachable and act like a spring with a very long tail that helps it achieve great balance and quick changes of direction. It should be borne in mind that many prey begin to change direction in order to escape when being chased. To do this, the cheetah must be able to change direction and follow the prey to the end. It can be said that the cheetah is an aerodynamically perfect animal. They also have exceptional eyesight and are very patient animals. Their claws are not retractable, so they cannot be retracted. This helps them maintain traction on the ground. The disadvantage is that they are not as fast as the rest of the cats.

In contrast, the panther is one of the strongest cats. It can also be said that he is more powerful than a lion. Generally, it spends most of its time high up in tree branches and can carry prey up to three times its weight in a tree. Neither a lion, nor a jaguar, nor a cheetah can do this. This makes it a jumping and fighting animal and the main difference with the cheetah is that its claws are retractable, which means it can grab its prey with its sharp claws.

danger of extinction

Finally, we should mention that despite being excellent hunters, the cheetah is endangered. It is the only species in the genus Acinonyx that has not become extinct. Their young are easy prey for other predators, especially when the mothers are out in search of food. Added to this are poaching and natural habitat degradation caused by humans, and all these factors pose a serious threat to the existence of this species.

I hope that with this information you can know more about the characteristics and differences of leopard and cheetah.