Famous horses

Famous horses

Throughout history, there have been just as many famous horses as cats or dogs. However, if you ask anyone about those horses, they might not know to give you more than a name or two.

If you are a lover of horses, today we want to talk about several of them, famous horses in history , in mythology and in racing, in literature … how many would you recognize?


Pegasus is one of the world’s most famous famous horses. And although they do not currently exist, nor do we know if this something is “real”, it is part of Greek mythology. In particular, the horse was owned by Zeus and had distinctive features of having wings.

According to their story, Pegasus was born when Perseus beheaded Medusa. , When the bleeding started, a spotless white horse was born, beautiful and of royal bearing. During his formative years, as a calf, he spent his time running and flying around Olympus beside the gods.

She was tamed and ridden by Bellerophon, a hero with whom she went on great adventures and they mingled perfectly. Until Bellerophon suffocated the power and wanted to force Pegasus to take him to Olympus to become a god. At the same time, Pegasus threw him on the ground and left. For his part, Bellerophon was punished by not being able to ride another horse and living on earth forever.

Famous horses
Famous horses


This rare name belongs to the horse of Alexander the Great. It translates to “bull’s head” and is that the horse was one of the bravest that existed at the time. But he had a problem: he was afraid of his own shadow. Thus, he managed to tame the animal, something that many thought would be impossible.

Famous Horse: Incitato

Incitato was the horse of Emperor Caligula. In fact, he loved his horse enough to build stables of marble and stalls of ivory that only that horse could use.

The story didn’t end here. At the time the horse lived, he had a whole villa, with gardens and everything, just for his entertainment, along with 18 servants for the horse. And it was his favorite, and everything was small for him.


Surely you’ve read Rocinante and the first thing that comes to mind is Don Quixote. Well, you’re not mistaken since Rocinante is Don Quixote’s horse , a horse with a somewhat bad temper (as you know, Sancho Panza didn’t like him very much).


Secretariat’s story is one that you can see in the film, as her life has been adapted for the big screen. But who was the Secretariat? It’s about a horse who accomplished an incredible feat: the record for the Big Three in The 1973 Triple Crown.

It is said that this horse had a unique heart, so large that it weighed 10 kilos, whereas it is normal for a horse to weigh no more than 5.


Many times we look down on animals and people because we think they will be of no use, or that they will not achieve anything in life. And yet, in Seabiscuit’s case, he was able to show that this was not the case.

In his time, the horse was a “commoner” from whom nothing was expected. And yet, and despite a severe injury to the ligaments of his front leg, he is a great champion and a symbol of the United States during the time of the Great Depression because of his struggle and overcoming.

Famous Horses: Man o’ War

We’re not going to leave off the Seabiscuit just yet, because you need to know that the Man o’ War was its grandfather. And why are we talking about that? Well, because this is a racehorse that was present in 21 of them. Do you know how many he won? Twenty.

He was so famous that, when he retired from competition, thousands of people came to meet him to meet the most powerful horse in the race.

Famous Horses: Bebieka

Babyka was the mare of El Cid, the now famous Amazon Prime series. According to the story, when Sid was young, his stepfather took him to the stables of a monastery, where he asked him to choose a horse.

This he decided to keep the ugliest and smallest thing in the monastery, a mare. The stepfather warns Cid that the horse is “a babieca”, that is, “good for nothing”, but Cid remains faithful to his decision and the mare shows that they are not as worthless as they initially thought. had crossed And it is that, sometimes, a good body is not enough, you must also have passion.

Trojan horse

Let’s face it, the Trojan horse was actually not an animal, a living being, but a trick for the Greek soldiers with which they managed to conquer Troy. and is that it is a colossal horse figure that was made in wood and presented as a gift to the Trojans. These, given the impressive size, they put on the horse into the city without knowing that there were Greek soldiers inside.


The name may not tell you much, or it may. But if we combine this with the title “The Neverending Story”, things change, don’t they? It’s about Atreyu the horse, a horse someone takes a special affection for, and his “death” was one of the most tragic events in history.

Luckily, everything works out in the end.

black Beauty

That name is the story of a horse that the whole world knows. It is a film in which they tell us the life of a horse from its birth until almost the end of its days. In that time, he’s lived dozens of adventures with different bosses that touch him, some for the better and some for the worse.

Famous Horses: Whirlwind and Silver

Other famous horses that you definitely remember are Whirlwind, El Zorro’s horse . Black horse like mask and suit of this hero with very long and shiny mane.

In the case of Silver, it was The Lone Ranger’s horse, but in this case an ancient white one that, like the previous ones, also fought bad guys.

So, you have two “heroes” helping their “humans” save slaves and trouble the bad guys.