Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer

The El Giant Schnauzer is a dog originally from Germany . It is a large breed, being the largest variant of the schnauzer, as there are two other copies which are the standard and the mini. This dog, due to its large size, was created as a working dog. He did many things, so even today he is a dog with great qualities.

Giant Schnauzer

We are going to get to know the Giant Schnauzer breed in depth , which currently rivals other Schnauzers in popularity. This is a dog that can live perfectly as a family but requires some care. That’s why we should know the race thoroughly before considering adding someone to our family.

History of the Giant Schnauzer

The exact origin of the Giant Schnauzer is not known with certainty, as is the case with crosses of other breeds. This breed comes from the kingdom of Bavaria and Württemberg in Germany in the XNUMXth century and is said to have probably been in the form of its predecessor German pinscher breeds, but in a wire-haired version. Many were mixed with breeds such as the German Shepherd, Doberman or Boxer.

physical features

One of the main characteristics of the Giant Schnauzer is that it is the largest of the Schnauzers, but it cannot be considered a giant if we compare it with other breeds such as the St. Bernard, rather it is considered a large breed. Their height is 60 or 70 cm in males and females, ranging from 35 to 47 kg in weight. It is a large and strong dog with a broad chest.

Their heads are highlighted by bushy eyebrows and beards, which give them their very recognizable appearance. The muzzle is straight and its eyes are dark. His ears are quivering but high. Previously, in order to pass the standard, the ears were cut off so that they appeared columnar, as is done with the Doberman , but this practice is already prohibited and the dog cannot undergo this for it to be part of the breed standard. Does matter. The same happened with the tail, which was cut off, although it is of medium size in the shape of a sickle. Its accepted colors are pure black and the so-called ‘salt and pepper’, which is a dark brown color with lighter shades on the eyebrows, legs and belly.

character of the breed

The Schnauzer dog can be a dog that is somewhat reserved with strangers. Remember that it has been used as a guard dog for generations. However, it is an animal that is very loyal to its owners and does not have a great character if we know how to socialize it.

El dog has enough activity , so it is a good idea to have a garden or some place where you feel comfortable. It is an ideal dog for active people and can also be a good family dog, as it is intelligent and balanced. If all that energy is channeled well and we know how to educate it, it will be a dog of excellent character.

Giant Schnauzer Care

These dogs have a fur that needs to be groomed , though never overdo it so it is not a problem. It should be brushed several times a week to avoid tangles and keep it clean, it is also important to take care of the beard and eyebrow area, as the fur is longer in this area. It can get quite stained after a meal. This is why many owners choose to trim this area, either at home or at the dog’s groomer.

Something that we should keep in mind with these dogs is that they need a lot of daily exercise . He is an energetic working dog that will need regular walks and playtime. If we are not willing to do that, it is better not to breed. From an early age they must be socialized with other dogs and educated to prevent them from becoming less obedient.

These dogs are quite independent . Although they are very attached to their owner, they are reserved with strangers and may not require the constant company of their humans or other animals. However, this does not mean that they do not like company, on the contrary, they can break things if they are alone for long periods of time.

dog health

The average lifespan of a dog is ten or eleven years . It is a strong dog, but it is also prone to suffer from certain diseases such as typical hip dysplasia , gastric torsion and epilepsy as well. They may also have certain eye problems, such as glaucoma , cataracts or retinal dysplasia. Cancer can also affect these dogs, especially dark-haired ones, among whom there is a higher incidence, along with problems such as melanoma. To prevent many of these diseases it is very essential for the vet to check up from time to time.

Why is there a Giant Schnauzer

This type of dog is ideal for homes with gardens and if we like to play games and hang out with the dog. It is certainly not a suitable breed for everyone, but if it is well educated from a young age, it is a fun, active and very loyal and affectionate dog. We just have to be prepared to take care of what he needs. Do you like the Giant Schnauzer breed?