Hokkaido dog

Hokkaido dog

Dog Hokkaido This animal is very intelligent and active. He can be very dependent on one member of the family, although this does not mean that he is not affectionate with others. In fact, it is a social animal that gets along well with both the young and the old.

It’s not a very well-known breed in the west yet, but we’re going to try to make it a little bit more of a thing with this particular one. (1)

Hokkaido dog

Origin and history of Hokkaido

The origin of this wonderful and beautiful dog is in Japan, specifically in the country’s Anonymous Prefecture. It is also known as Hokkaido-ken, Hokkaido-in, and Ainu-ken. Basically, he is identified as Do-ken. This animal is believed to be a descendant of the mati-ken, a breed of dog that was brought from Tohoku to Hokkaido by the Ainu. In 1937 it was declared a “natural monument” at which time it would adopt the name of its original. (2)

physical features

Our hero is a medium-sized furry, weighing around 20 kg and a height at the withers between 45 and 49 cm. Its body is protected by two layers of hair: (3) one with long and hard hairs, and another short and soft, of very different colors: white, red, wolf grey, teal, or black.

The head is triangular, with small, erect ears and small eyes. , The muzzle is long and the legs are strong. The tail keeps it raised or turned backward.

behavior and personality

This is a dog brave, awake to be aware of everything that happens around you. He is also very great and loyal. He’ll learn any trick if he’s educated with patience and above all respect, (4)) although yes, after work, he’ll love going out for a walk or playing with the person you love most in the world. Huh.

The Hokkaido is a hardworking dog, so keeping it in an apartment is not recommended unless you exercise it every day.

What care is required?


Every day you should have clean and fresh water at your disposal. Furthermore, as a carnivorous animal, it is fed high-quality food free from grains or by-products. (5) The price is higher than for feed that contains these ingredients, but the benefits are enormous. Among them, we highlight shinier and healthier hair, a better mood, and stronger whiter teeth.


Once a month you should take a bath using a special shampoo for dogs. In the event that it gets dirty long before its time, you can simply wipe it down with a cloth dampened with water, or use dry shampoo.

Eyes and ears should be cleaned once in a while using clean gauze moistened with water for each eye or ear.

exercise and education

As your caregiver, you have to bother him to walk and play with him at least once a day, as well as his education, from the first day he comes home. But in this article, we show you how to teach various tricks.


Although this is a breed that enjoys generally good health, you will need to take it to the vet from time to time throughout its life. Get the necessary vaccinations, microchip, neuter, or spay him if you don’t want him to breed, as well as every time you suspect he is sick. That way, your dog can live his happy life by your side.

hokkaido dog curiosity

It is considered a primitive dog

It is classified in the International Canine Federation (FCI). This can already tell us a lot about your health. Primitives tend to be less prone to serious diseases than new ones.

can be lonely

Not long, of course. But if you have to be absent to go to work or shop, Hokkaido can get used to being alone. It is an independent animal, which will remain calm as long as you leave it to do something, such as play with a ball, or look for a hidden piece of food.

gets bored quickly

The boredom and frustration accumulated from not going outside to get enough physical exercise will wreak havoc on you at home and abuse like incessant barking. For this reason, it is not a good breed for people who are rather sedentary.


The cost of a Hokkaido puppy can be around 1000 euros. You can find it for 800 euros, but in any case, make sure the animal is healthy and has all the papers in order.