How many vaccines do dogs get

How many vaccines do dogs get

Let us know about How many vaccines do dogs get? Friends, Many Types Of Injections Are Given To Small Children In Humans So That They Can Avoid Diseases In Future, Just Like Dogs Are Also Given Many Injections. So If You Have Adopted A Dog, Then You Need To Apply Different Vaccines To Your Dog, Which Are Necessary, If You Do Not Get These Necessary Injections For Your Dog, Then Your Dog May Have Many Different Diseases.

If There Is A Danger Of Getting Infected, Then Friends, If You Do Not Know About Which Vaccine And When You Have To Apply Your Dog, Then In Such A Situation You Should Read This Article Till The End. Through This Article, We Will Try To Tell You When You Will Have To Give Which Injection To Your Dog? If You Also Want To Know About All These Injections And Vaccines, Then You Have To Stay With Us. Let’s Start.

How many vaccines do dogs get

How many vaccines do dogs get
How many vaccines do dogs get

How Many Vaccines Do Dogs Get?

Friends, Talk About How Many Vaccines Have Been Given To Dogs, Then Two Types Of Injections Are Given To The Main Fixed Dogs, In Which The First Is The Combined Vaccine, In Which There Is Only One Injection For Many Different Diseases, For Example – 7 In 1, 8 In 1 Is 9 In 1.
Second Friends, There Is An Injection Of Rabies. These Two Types Of Injections Are Given To Dogs.

When And Which Is The Dog’s First Vaccine?

Friends, The Dog Gets Its First Vaccine When It Is 45 To 60 Days Old, That Means After One Month You Can Vaccinate Your Dog. All Their Vaccine Doses End Between 16 To 20 Weeks. After This, Booster Doses Are Applied, Which Are Applied Only Once A Year, In Which There Are Different Injections To Avoid Different Diseases.

Combine Vaccine (7 In One, 8 In One, 9 In One) –

Friends, First Of All, The Dog Gets The First Combine Injection, In Which 7 In One, 8 In One, 9 In One Injections Come, You Can Apply Any One Of These To Your Dog, There Is No Much Difference Between Them, Just Understand That 7 In 1 Means You Get The Vaccine Of 7 Diseases In One Injection, Similarly In 8 In 1 You Get The Vaccine Of 8 Diseases In One Injection. So You Can Apply Any One Of These Injections. The Cost Of These Injections Ranges From Rs 500 To Rs 1000.
The First Dose Of The Combined Vaccine Is Administered Between 45 To 60 Days, Followed By The First Booster Dose After One Month And The Second Booster Dose One Month Later. Means You Will Have To Give 3 Injections Of Combined Vaccine (7 In 1,8 In 1 Or 9 In 1) To Your Dog. After This, You Have To Get This Combine Injection Done To Your Dog Once Every Year.

Rabies Vaccine (ARV) Anti Rabbis Vaccine

Friends, Rabies Is A Dangerous Disease That Occurs In Humans Due To The Bite Of A Dog Or Animal, So The Dog Is Vaccinated Against Rabies So That If It Accidentally Bites Someone, It Does Not Get Rabies Infection. It Is Very Important To Apply This Vaccine To The Dog Because When The Dog Is Small, It Bites A Lot On Humans While Playing Sports, Then You Should Apply Rabies Vaccine To Avoid Any Kind Of Infection.
The Injection Of Rabies Is First Felt By The Small Puppy When Your Dog Is 12 Weeks Ie 3 Months Old. One Month After This, A Booster Dose Of Rabies Has To Be Administered At The End Of The Fourth Month And One Month After That Another Booster Dose At The End Of The Fifth Month. It Will Cost You 300 To 500 Rupees.
You Protect Yourself And Your Dog By Getting The Rabies Vaccine. Not Applying This Rabies Vaccine Can Become A Cause Of Trouble For Your Dog In The Future.

Canine Distemper Vaccine

This Canine Distemper Is An Infectious Disease That Spreads Very Quickly From One Person To Another. Many Times This Disease Also Comes From Dogs To Humans. Due To Which You May Have Problems Related To Gastrointestinal, Nose And Eyes. You Should Get This Canine Distemper Vaccine After Your Dog Is 8 Weeks Old.

Hepatitis Vaccine

The Most Common Cause Of This Hepatitis Is Canine Adenovirus 1 (CAV-1). The Disease Is Also Commonly Spread Through Water And Food Items. To Prevent This Disease, You Can Apply Vaccine To Your Dog After 8 Weeks.


The Most Common Cause Of Leptospirosis In Your Dog’s Body Is A Bacterial Infection. This Leptospirosis Disease Also Comes From Dog To Human. During This Disease Of Leptospirosis, Many Parts Of The Body Stop Working. To Protect Yourself And Your Dog From This Disease, You Can Get It Done After 8 Weeks.


This Canine Parvovirus Is Considered To Be A Very Deadly And Contagious Virus. It Can Also Prove Fatal For You. You Can Apply This Vaccine To Your Dog Even After 8 Weeks. It Is Considered Extremely Important To Vaccinate Your Dog Against This Virus.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can A Dog Get Rabies If It Bites Someone After Being Injected With Rabies?

Yes, It Is Possible That If A Dog Bites A Person, Even If He Has Been Injected With Rabies, Then The Person Can Get Rabies Infection, So You Should Go To The Doctor After The Dog Bite And You Should Also Get All The Necessary Injections So That Do Not Infect You With Any Kind Of Disease.

Should You Get Vaccinated If A Puppy Bites You?

Friends, The Answer To This Is Also Yes, You Should Get Vaccinated If The Dog Has Bitten You, Whether The Dog Is Small Or Big, You Can Get Sick Due To The Bite Of The Dog, So It Is Important That You Meet Your Doctor And Talk About It, Tell Them All The Things.

Are All Injections Necessary For A Dog?

Friends Or It Depends On You, If You Have Money, Then You All Must Get Injected, Otherwise You Will Have To Get Injected With Rabies.

How Many Injections Are Required For Rabies?

Friends, There Are 3 Injections Of Rabies In A Dog, You Have To Apply The First Injection After 3 Months And After 1 Month The First Booster Injection And Then After One Month Another Booster Dose Is Applied. Means Throughout The Year You Have To Give 3 Rabies Injections To Your Dog, After That You Can Give One Injection In A Year.

How Much Does Rabies Injection Cost?

You Will Get Rabies Injection Comfortably From ₹ 300 To ₹ 500 In Medical Stores.

Conclusion (Final Words)-

Today, Through This Article, We Have Tried To Provide You Detailed Information About Which Injections Are Given In Dogs. Hope You Have Liked This Article. If You Want To Ask Us Any Question Related To This Topic Then You Can Contact Us In The Below Comment Box.