How much weight can a horse pull?

How much weight can a horse pull?

Let’s know about How much weight can a horse pull?. If you are looking for a horse to help you around the farm, one of the first questions you will ask is how much weight the horse can pull. The answer depends on the type and size of the horse. Naturally, a larger horse will pull more weight than a smaller pony, so you need to know how much weight you need to move in order to choose the right horse. We have created a short guide that can help you find the right horse for your farm. We’ll cover an easy formula you can use as well as some examples of different types of horses and their abilities to answer your question.

How much weight can my horse pull?

There are many factors to go into figuring out how much weight a horse can pull, but the following formula or rule of thumb will get you started.

  • A horse can usually pull 1/10 of its body weight into dead weight. For example, a 2,000-pound horse can push a 200-pound fallen log out of the way.
  • If the weight is in a wheeled cart, the horse can pull 1.5 times its body weight over a long distance. For example, a 2,000-pound horse can pull a 3,000-pound cart.
  • A horse can pull up to 15 times its own weight over short distances, depending on the breed.
  • Two horses working together can pull three times the weight of one horse.

horse type

  • horse ride

Riding horses are lean and fast. It can pull weight, but its agility makes it suitable for other tasks such as rounding cattle and checking fences. Its high speed helps you get to where you’re going faster, and it’s generally cheaper to maintain and feed. Riding horses can be a little jumpy at first until they get to know you.

  • draft horses

Draft horses are much heavier than riding horses and have a lot of muscle mass. These are large and heavy horses that are adept at pulling buggies or plows. It can pull several times its own weight for short distances and is comfortable to pull at moderate speeds. These horses are calm and calm and do not startle easily.

Powerful Draft Horse Example

If you are looking for a horse that can pull a lot of weight, you need to look into draft horses. These horses are heavy and full of muscle, so they can move an impressive amount of weight over short distances.

Clydesdale Horse

The Clydesdale horse is a powerful draft horse that you may recognize from the Budweiser commercials during the Super Bowl. These giant horses also appeared in many movies and were used for many years to pull trucks loaded with goods and to plow fields.

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The Percheron is another large draft horse that can weigh up to 2600 pounds and is well suited to pulling extremely heavy loads. It is currently the most popular French draft horse in the world.


The Shire is a British draft horse that is usually black with white hooves but is available in many other colors. It is slightly lighter with an average weight of around 1,700 pounds, but it is still a powerful horse with a lot of pulling power. In 1924, a pair of these horses was estimated to pull 50 tons at a British exhibition.

Suffolk Punch

The Suffolk Punch is another English draft horse that often weighs closer to 2,200 pounds. Officers used this breed to draw artillery during war and also mastered plowing the fields. It is a hardy horse and is the basis of many mixed breeds including other draft horses.


When you need a horse that can pull a lot of weight, you need to look for a draft horse. While some breeds like the Clydesdale can be extremely expensive, there are a number of breeds that are not so well known that you can get one at a reasonable price. These hardy horses will serve you many years and are often calm and gentle creatures. We hope you enjoyed reading this guide and got an idea of ​​how strong your horse is. If you’ve learned something new, please share this guide on how much weight a horse can pull on Facebook and Twitter.