How to make a dog bed

How to make a dog bed

Like you, when you want to sleep you can go to a bed or a couch or an area that is soft and where you can stretch and nothing gets hurt. If you spend many hours in one position, dogs also need this kind of space. And that’s why we are not saying that you should buy anything from them; Instead, how do you learn how to make a dog bed?

Sometimes, recycling what you have around the house and repurposing it can save you money and give your dog a place to rest. So today we’re going to give you the keys to how to make a dog bed that will last and delight your pet.

How to make a dog bed
How to make a dog bed

Why do dogs need beds?

Imagine that you are in a dead sleep. You want to sleep but find out you don’t have a bed. No sofa, no chair, no chair. Nothing. The only thing, perhaps, a blanket.

The usual thing is to throw the blanket on the floor and lie down on it, so that the coldness of the floor doesn’t seep into your bones and avoid waking up with excruciating pain. Or you decide to lie down straight to cover yourself with a blanket. Be that as it may, the end result is that you are going to spend some very rough hours and when you wake up your whole body will ache.

We cannot say that the same will happen with dogs, as they are more used to it. But just as we love comfort, it’s good for them too.

In fact, we can give you a few more reasons why your dog needs a bed. and he is:

  • They’re going to insulate them from the ground, which keeps them from freezing in the winter, and helps them cool down (or alter their temperature depending on whether the temperature is higher or lower) in the summer.
  • This helps protect their joints and bones, especially if your dog is older or has certain health problems.
  • He’ll feel more comfortable in the booth because he’ll have something to cuddle with. Of course, dogs generally don’t like things that are too soft, apart from the fact that if it is it will last very little, because they first adapt to the animal and then they are of no use to it .

How to make a dog bed step by step

If you have a dog and you want to give it a place to rest, of course you want to know how to make a dog bed. There are many options in stores at different prices. But you can also choose to make it yourself from materials that, as a general rule, get thrown away without being used. This means you can do it and it costs you very little, in addition to recycling the elements and, incidentally, taking care of the environment.

In fact, we are going to give you some ideas to make this dog bed . For example:

a dog bed from your old sweater

Surely you have a few sweaters that you would not wear to go out. Well, you can use those sweaters to make a bed for your pet. what you want to do Well, you need a sweater, a cushion (or stuffed with one), thread and needle, cotton and a piece of fabric.

Next, what you have to do is sew the neck portion. In the larger opening, place a cushion. Meanwhile, in the sleeve, put some cotton or something similar. The aim is to give it the shape of a bed (the middle part with the cushion and with the sleeve you make a circle around it. The piece of fabric will serve to join the sleeve.

dog bed with pallet

If you have the chance to build with a pallet you can use it to make a bed for your pet. Of course, sand it well and try to make some edges so that it stays in place without coming out when you put down the blanket or mattress.

Some people like to have wheels on it, but we recommend these with stops, otherwise if the dog runs and gets on it, it could move and hit a wall or your pet can also drop.

How to Build an Indian Kennel-Type Dog House

Can you imagine putting a bed at the base of a teepee? Can make it easily; All you need are some wooden sticks, rope and cloth. Later, for the interior you can use cushions, blankets or mattresses for dogs.

It’s very easy to make because you just have to top the sticks with the rope connecting them and open the fabric in the front so it can enter.

As a basis, we recommend that you place a blanket on the floor and a pillow or mattress inside.

make a dog house out of tires

If you have the chance to have tires, you can reuse them for a dog house. In this case, you must first paint all the tires you need (depending on the size of your dog, we recommend that you put 2-3 tires on top of each other. Of course, if your dog is a large breed it may be difficult for him to enter or stretch in the house.

Once you have painted them, you should glue each tire and then make a more or less large door opening for them to go inside. Finally, all you have to do is put a solid base so the animal doesn’t sink through the hole and cover it with a mattress or some blankets.

How to Build a Beanbag Dog House

This is the easiest to do. All you’ll need is a large piece of fabric, stuffing, thread and a needle.

To do this you have to draw a rectangle, circle… whatever shape you need. You’ll need to sew three of the four sides, as the last one will serve as the stuffing inside.

When you have it all, all you have to do is sew it on and finally put it in a place your dog likes to be.

Of course, do not overdo it with the stuffing, many dogs do not like it very much.