How to make a dog fat

How to make a dog fat

Friends, If You Have A Pet Dog Which Is Very Thin And Medial Type, Then If You Want To Make It Fat, You Want To Know What Diet You Can Give To It So That Your Dog Becomes Fat, Then Today’s Article Is For You. In This Article, We Are Going To Tell You Some Special Tips To Make The Dog Fat, With The Help Of Which You Can Make Your Dog Fat, So Friends, You Have To Read This Article Till The Last To Know, So Let’s Start.

Friends, First Of All You Need To Know That Because Of Which Your Dog Is Weak And Thin, There Can Be Many Reasons Due To Which Your Dog Is Weak And Thin.

  • If Your Dog Eats A Lot Of Food But There Is No Effect Of Food On His Body, Then He May Have Some Stomach Related Disease, Due To Which His Food Is Not Digested Properly And Not On His Body. Seems Like
  • Another Reason For Your Dog Being Weak May Be That He Eats Less Food, The Reason For Eating Less Food May Be That You Do Not Give Him Good Food Or You May Be Feeding Him The Wrong Things Made In The Market, So That He Whoever Eats Food Does Not Affect His Body, So Secondly, You Need To Know What You Can Feed Your Dog ?
  • Never Feed Junk Food To Your Dog, He Has A Habit Of Eating Junk Food, So This Can Also Be A Big Reason Why Your Dog Is Not Gaining Weight.

Let Us Now Know How You Can Make Your Dog Fat.

How to make a dog fat
How to make a dog fat
  • De-Worming Means That You Have To Give Medicine To The Dog To Kill The Worms In Its Stomach. So Friends, If You Dog Is Very Weak, It Is Of Medial Type, Then First Of All You Have To Go To A Nearby Vet, There You Have To Take Your Dog, Tell All Its Problems To The Doctor, After That Whatever Problems Are Related To The Dog’s Body. For That, Take Medicine From The Doctor And Give It To The Dog. Because If Your Dog Has Any Kind Of Deficiency In The Body Or Has Any Stomach Problem. So No Matter How Much Food You Feed Him, It Is Not Going To Affect His Body Until His Stomach Problem Is Corrected, So Friends, It Is Important To Take Him To The Doctor And Give Him Medicine, Only Then You Can Make Your Dog Fat. You Can
  • After Taking It To The Doctor, Now You Have To Pay Attention To Your Dog’s Diet. If Your Dog Eats Less Food, Then Try To Give Him Little Food 5-6 Times A Day So That He Can Eat Little Food.
  • Give Him Good Food, Good Food Means Here You Don’t Give Him Outside Made Things Like Junk Food Fast Food Etc. Give Him Natural Food Like Rice Roti Milk Curd Etc.
  • Non-Veg Is The Best Food For Dogs, So If You Can Give Meat Chicken Mutton To Your Dog, Then Definitely Give It Three To Four Times A Week. You Can Give Meat Both Raw And Cooked, Try To Feed The Dog Only After Cooking It. You Can Also Give The Meat Mixed With Rice Or Roti To The Dog.
  • Must Give Him Curd And Whey Buttermilk Along With Rice And Roti. Curd Whey Buttermilk Is The Best Liquid Substance For Dogs Especially In Summer. In Summer, Give Your Dog Once A Day Mixed With Whey, Buttermilk, Curd And Rice.
  • You Must Also Feed Your Dog The Food Containing Protein Vitamins Available In The Market. Rest Of The Friends, Whatever Food You Cook At Home, You Can Feed It To Your Dog, But Keep In Mind That There Should Be Less Amount Of Spice And Salt In It.
  • Keep Your Dog Physically Active. It Is Very Important For Dogs To Be Physically Active, So Friends, If You Live In Such A Place Where You Do Not Take Them Out In Nature, Your Dog Remains Lying In The House For 24 Hours. So You Need To Take Your Dog Out Of The House And Let Him Play Under The Open Sky. When Your Dog Remains Physically Active, Plays, Runs, Then The Muscles Of His Body Will Develop So That His Food And Drink Will Be Able To Be Applied To His Body.
  • Friends, You Should Not Make Your Dog Too Fat, Your Dog Should Be Healthy, Its Fat Should Not Be Too Fat, Due To Being Overweight, It Will Become Lazy And It May Have Many Diseases, So Take Care Of It More. Do Not Make Him Fat, Keep Him Till A Healthy Weight.