How to make bows for dogs

How to make bows for dogs

Let’s know about the How to make bows for dogs. Many of us have pets at home, including dogs. And of course we like to dress them up in different suits, take them to the hairdressing salon or just put on different jewelry on the head. Buy in stores all this beauty is a lot of money, especially accessories for exhibitions. So today we will tell you how to make money for your pet.

How to make bows for dogs

what we need

For the manufacture of the bow you will need:

  1. Multi colored ribbon. They can be of different widths, but usually no more than 3 cm, as large bows on a dog’s head will not look very good.
  2. Ribbon for finishing. These are used as decorations for the main ribbon, to make the bow even more beautiful.
  3. Adhesive for finishing seams or just silicone glue.
  4. Threads in vocal tape.
  5. scissors.
  6. Needle.
  7. Mail or Light.
  8. Line. Used for sewing the main and finishing tape.
  9. Any round objects, for example, pencils, markers, syringes. They are used to shape the bow.
  10. Various retainers of the bow. This can be a hair spray, nail polish or gelatin, which dissolves to a thick state.
  11. Decoration: rhinestones, pearls, sequins, pearls, etc.
  12. rubber or hairpin, which will be attached to the bow.
  13. Fantasy and assiduity.

A little about the quality of the bow

Bows can be made by both gluing and sewing. But the first method is not very reliable – for sure it will spoil. If you make bows for your dogs, you can use this option. But if you’re working for sales, you have to take care of quality, so you only need to use stitches. Also pay attention to the quality of the elastic band to which the ribbon is sewn. It should be of excellent quality, not slip and not exaggerate the hair. Reliable fastening of the tape and decoration is a guarantee of not only high quality, but also profit. (1)

to start

  1. Cut off the main ribbon that defines the color of the bow. If you plan to make a double or triple bow, cut 2 or 3 strips respectively. The length of the first tape is usually about 9 cm, the rest are 1-1.5 cm shorter than the previous one. At this stage, if you want, you can add a braid to decorate the bow, but it is sewn with a thin fishing line so that the latter is practically not visible. The edges of the ribbons are fired with matches, to prevent them from drifting.
  2. Then the ends of the tape are joined, slightly overlapping each other, and on the wrong side threaded into a single tone. We get rings from ribbons. Then we add the ring, look in the middle and attach it to the seam, making a few stitches, connecting the two halves of the tape. We do not cut the thread, but tighten it, giving the ribbon the shape of a strip. Similarly we do the other, etc. Bow layers.
  3. Now we put the bow on top of the other and stitch it together tightly. At this stage, the hairpin is immediately glued well or an elastic band is sewn. (2)
  4. In the petals, the bow is pushed into the appropriate shape with rounded objects. (3)
  5. Now we prepare the fixative. We dissolve it to a thick state and apply to the bow. You can also use hair spray with a very strong fixation or nail polish and leave until completely dry, removing the “frame”. (4)
  6. We decorate. Take everything that your imagination says and start to create. It is very popular to make drawings with sparkles with special decorative glue or to create beautiful patterns with rhinestones or Swarovski stones. Whatever you come up with, remember that you need to decorate a ready-made bow. (5) If you produce bows in large quantities, you should purchase a special parterre for rhinestones, although it is not cheap. But in principle, you can do with a simple soldering iron only after training yourself. To do this, place the bows of the pattern on the bow and begin to glue them. We press the rhinestone with a soldering iron for a few seconds, and release it. Nothing will happen to the stone. But the glue on the rhinestones will melt and stick to the bow. It is important not to move the soldering iron during gluing.

We are available to show you how to make decorations for dogs. It remains only to raise a bow on the dog’s head and go out on the street in order to be fashionable.