How to make dog your friend

How to make dog your friend

Dogs Are Known To Be Very Loyal. But Despite That There Are Many People Around Us Who Are Afraid Of Dogs. Many People Are Very Scared Of Dogs Present On The Way To Their Home Or Office. If Something Like This Happens To You Too. Are You Scared Of Dogs Too? If So, Today Through This Article We Will Tell You Some Tips That Can Help The Dog To Become Your Friend. You Can Make Friendship With Any Dog ​​With The Help Of Some Tips, So Let’s Know –

Do You Also Suffer From Cynophobia

You Must Be Wondering What Kind Of Disease Of Cynophobia Is This That We Are Suffering From. Cyanophobia Means Fear Of Dogs. We Have Hardly Ever Heard This Cyanophobia Term. But This Is A Very Common Thing. There Is Nothing To Worry About In This. You Can Eliminate This Problem By Using Some Methods. If Your Fear Does Not Subside Even After Trying That, Then There Is Nothing To Worry About.

How Do You Know If You Are Afraid Of Dogs?

Are You Confused Whether You Are Afraid Of Dogs Or Not, Today We Will Tell You Some Such Scenes. What Do You Do When You See The Dog? It Will Be Known Whether You Are Afraid Of Dog Or Not?

  • Many Times The Dog Is Sitting At Its Place But If You Change Your Way On Seeing The Dog Then Maybe You Are Scared Of The Dog.
  • If The Dog Is Wagging Its Tail After Seeing You, Then You Run Away After Seeing It, Then It Is Possible That You Are Afraid Of The Dog.
  • Whenever Dogs Come Near You And Lick You, You Start Trembling With Fear Or Start Crying, Then In Such A Situation It Is Proved That You Are Afraid Of Dogs.

How To Make Dogs Your Friend

How to make dog your friend
How to make dog your friend
  • If You Want To Make A Dog Your Friend, Then You Have To Change Your Nature. You Don’t Need To Be Afraid Of Dogs. If Dogs Come Near You, You Should Not Run Away From Them. When You Do This, You Dog Thinks That You Came With The Intention Of Doing Something Wrong. Because Of Which He Then Runs After You.
  • When You See A Dog, Don’t Drive Them Away From You. When You Do This, The Dogs Get Annoyed With You, Due To Which They Then Think Of Giving You More Trouble. Because Of Which We Will Tell You That If Dogs Come To You Then Pamper Them.
  • Whenever You See A Dog, Look Into Their Eyes. When You Do This, They Feel That You Want To Be Friends With Them. After Which Even Dogs Soften Their Behavior Towards You. In Such A Situation, Dogs Come To You And Want Love From You.

How To Make Dog Your Friend?

If You Want To Make The Dog Living Near You Your Friend Or Want To Befriend Them, Then You Should Adopt Some Methods.

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● Understand The Dog’s Body Language

If You Want To Befriend A Dog, Then You Always Have To Resort To Non-Verbal Communication. If You Want To Befriend Them, Then You Have To Support Them With Love. If The Dog Does Not Bark At You, Then You Do Not Need To Make Eye Contact With Them. If The Dog Is Not In Attack Mode Then You Do Not Need To Be Afraid Of Them.

● Start Playing With The Little Dog

If You Are Afraid Of Dogs But Want To Make Friends, Then You Should Not Make Friends Directly With Big Dogs. This Type Of Dog’s Behavior Is Also A Bit Angry. Because Of Which You May Get Scared Seeing Them. If You Want To Befriend A Dog, Then You Should Initially Play With A Small Dog. Small Dogs Can’t Even Harm You Much. Because Of Which You Can Play With Them Without Any Fear And They Can Befriend You. As Soon As The Fear Of The Dog Is Gone From Inside You. You Should Then Think Of Befriending The Big Dog.

● Face The Dog Instead Of Being Afraid

If You Are Afraid Of Dogs And Want To Befriend Them Instead Of Your Fear, Then You Have To Befriend Them Instead Of Running Away From The Dog. Running Away From You On Sight From The Dog Can Prove To Be Very Dangerous. When You Do This And The Dog Detects Any Danger From You, It Can Also Bite You. For This Reason, If You Want To Reduce The Fear Of The Dog From Within, Then You Should Be A Little Relaxed And Look At The Dog. Due To This Even The Dog Does Not Feel Any Problem With You.

● Never Scold The Dog

If You Scold The Dog, Then The Dog Gets Angry With You And Starts Teasing. In Such A Situation The Dog Will Be Scared Of You And Will Try To Attack You. You Should Fondle The Dog. After Which You Have To Behave Well. If You Misbehave With A Dog, Then That Dog Can Never Become Your Friend. If You Treat Dogs Well, They Can Become Your Friends.

Conclusion (Final Words)-

Today, Through This Article, We Have Told You Some Tips By Which You Can Make The Dog Your Friend. If You Also Want To Get Detailed Information About All These Topics, Then You Should Read This Article Till The End. If You Have Any Question After Reading The Article, Then You Can Contact Us In The Comment Box Given Below. Hope You Have Liked This Article.