How to play with cat

How to play with cat

Let’s know about How to play with cat. Cats generally like to play. And if we talk about puppies, not only do they love it but it is also something they need to do on a daily basis to burn off energy, yes, but above all to improve their hunting techniques. For. We can’t forget that this is a feline, and as such it is a predator.

His body is proof of that: his teeth, strong and sharp; retractable claws capable of tearing the skin; Night vision is what many of us want… but, it is precisely for this reason that it is essential to know how to play with cat . Because let’s face it: It’s not just about fun. Safety is important for both you and your friend.

The cat, since it’s just a precious-little ball of hair (or without hair, if it’s a Sphynx or similar breed, which they almost never have), spends a lot of time doing one thing: playing . He will play with his siblings and his mother, jump on them, fight and even bite them. If one of its kin is in pain, it will let you know on its own, by grunting, sniffling, or to some extent by standing over it and retaliating until it calms down.

These childish play sessions are important to him. , since thanks to them it learns such valuable things as: chasing, controlling the force of the bite, relating to others, jumping, running and catching up.

How to play with cat
How to play with cat

For this reason, cat behavior experts recommend not separating a kitten from its mother until at least 3 months of age . Now, at first, with two months to go, and whenever possible, it is recommended that his human family begin spending time with him. But how do you play with a cat or kitten?

What is the need to play with the cat?

First let me talk to you about this. You need a toy for your cat to play with . Always. Human skin is unprotected, we barely have hair. And it is also very thin. So that he does not hurt you, you need to make sure that you have a toy at hand. And you’re in luck, because simple things like a ball of aluminum foil or duct tape, a rope, or a cardboard box, will make for great moments of enjoyment for the animals.

But this is not all. It is also necessary that you keep patience, and above all avoid making sudden movements . The cat is a stealthy animal; His prey too. For example, placing your hand on the stomach and moving it from side to side will only get the cat to learn to bite you. And well, if it’s a kitten it won’t hurt much, but when it grows up and bites you, you might not think so; That’s why it is very important to play with him calmly.

how to play with my cat

As long as the play session lasts, you should be his ‘prey’, but leave the toy for him to grab. , In other words: imagine you have a ball as a toy. Well, what you have to do is invite him to play with him, get his attention by saying his name in a cheerful way, pretending to throw the ball (but without actually throwing it). As soon as he pays proper attention to you, that is, when he does not take his eyes off you (or rather, the toy), all you have to do is throw the ball so that it rolls on the floor.

The usual thing is that the beloved goes after him. You can take it or not, but it very much depends on each person. For example, my cat Bugs picks it up only when he wants to play, but not during play sessions. If he doesn’t catch his toy, you take it and throw it back. So many times, until he gets tired. Every cat is different, but don’t worry: little by little you will get to know her better, thanks to the fun and coexistence.

If you have a rope, it is important that it is at least 40 cm long so that there is no risk of scratching or cutting yourself. , Hold it by one end, and make smooth movements. At some point, you can accelerate. The idea with the rope is to mimic a little bird. So do your best not to make it easy for her to catch (but be nice: you also have to keep her from getting frustrated. Let her catch you once).

How do I know he is tired?

It’s simple: A tired cat will almost always be curled up in a corner . The worm also gasps for a few moments. Note: If your cat is panting and not playing, you should take her to the vet for a checkup as soon as possible. It is normal for him to pant when he has been running around for a while, but if there are no obvious reasons, we should worry and take action.

Another sign that he doesn’t want to play anymore is losing interest in the toy . Continuing with the ball example, if you throw it so that it’s next to him, and he looks at it but ignores it, he’s telling you that he just doesn’t want to continue.

How long do you have to play with the cat?

There is no clear answer, so it depends a lot on the age of the cat, its state of health and its desire to play. , But hey, so you can get the idea, kittens’ play sessions are short, but very frequent. When the cat is young, ie between 1 and 3 years, it wants to play less, to such an extent that 20-30 sessions of 2-3 minutes may be enough for it. Once he becomes an adult, interest in the game tends to wane, but it is recommended to continue playing with him to keep him in shape, for example in two 20-minute sessions.

But this, as I say, has to be taken with tweezers. Bicho is 3 years old (in the year 2020) and he cannot stand a 30 minute session even though he is a cat who really likes to play. So we play for 10-15 minutes 3-4 times a day.

I suggest you try it. Time how long it takes your cat to tire, and keep track of when it becomes active again , and from there you can figure out how many sessions you need.

Play for cats is much more than fun. It is a wonderful and wonderful way to bond. Therefore, do not hesitate to play with your four-legged friend.