How to teach my cat?

How to teach my cat?

Let’s know about How to teach my cat. For a long time, certainly a very long time, it has been thought that with a ‘strong hand’ the potential problems that can arise from living with animals can be corrected. And though that in itself is a grave mistake, there is another that is even worse to me: Believing that they will understand and reconsider those punishments.

Therefore, when we ask ourselves how to teach my cat, we must be very clear about this: they learn by association , something in which they are very similar to people. Therefore, when raising him, it is important to respect him as a species ( Felis catus ) and as an individual.

How to teach my cat?
How to teach my cat?

let it be a cat

A cat is a cat, but people often make the mistake of humanizing it. Neither he is human, nor we cats. If we want him to be happy, but really happy, we must let him do things like scratch, jump, run and of course meow . Be careful, I’m not saying you don’t need to set boundaries, because obviously you don’t have to let her scratch us, for example, but we have to respect her cat-like nature.

turn the scream into a simple ‘no’

Cats learn by making associations ; ie, if he bites you, you say ‘no’ (I emphasize, without yelling) and stop playing immediately, and if this situation is repeated several times over a few days, eventually he bites will associate biting with the end of the game, so he’ll know he needs to stop biting you if he wants to keep playing. And with all this.

There are times, especially when he is a puppy, that he can be a bit rebellious and pushy. In these situations, the only thing you have is – more – patience.

give him a choice

One of the doubts that usually arise when living with a cat is how to prevent it from scratching the sofa, or climbing on the table, for example. Well, my answer is the following: give him something he can scratch or climb on . They feel more secure on higher surfaces than on the ground. So, don’t hesitate to buy or build a scratching post, and/or create a playroom with shelves at different heights and toys. You can also buy anti-scratch furniture covers.

Scratching and jumping are things that cats do, and really all felines. If you want to live with one, or several, it is better to adapt your home to them rather than trying to adapt them to your needs. ,

avoid stress at home

Your cat is a very sensitive animal, in the sense that when his family is going through a bad time, he will notice it immediately. If there is also stress, it is not uncommon for him to engage in behaviors such as biting, scratching or fighting. With the other cat when he hasn’t done this before, if there are other cats in the house.

For this reason, this advice applies more to you than to your relationship with your cat: Whenever possible, get the stress, the tension, the negative thoughts… out of the house . Take several deep breaths, meditate, listen to classical music, go outside to play a game if necessary before turning in, and then enjoy some quiet moments with the cat.

take care

This is family. One more member. To teach it to be a happy cat , it is important to pay attention , that many moments are shared with it (without overwhelming it), and that it is given the best possible care.

Affection, companionship, patience, respect and understanding. None of that should be missing.