Information about the German Shepherd Dog

Let’s start Information about the German Shepherd Dog: Let us know about the information about the German Shepherd Dog. If You Are Fond Of Keeping Dogs, Then You Must Have Heard About The German Shepherd Dog. German Shepherd Is A High Breed Dog And Its Cost Is Very High. German Shepherd Dog Is Bought A Lot In India. Which Also Means That People Like The Breed Of German Shepherd Dog. The Breed Of German Shepherd Is Also Most Loved In India After The Labra Dog. The German Shepherd Is One Of The Highly Rated Dog Breeds. These Types Of Dogs Are Specially Reared By People In Big Houses ‘ Because A Lot Of Money Has To Be Spent In Feeding And Taking Care Of It, Only Then The Health Of German Shepherd Dogs Remains Good If You Also Keep German Shepherd Dogs. If You Want, First Of All, Learn To Identify German Shepherd Dogs And What Is Its Cost And What Food Should Be Fed, Even If You Do Not Know About It. Let’s start Information about the German Shepherd Dog.

Let’s start Information about the German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog Breed

Information about the German Shepherd Dog
Information about the German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Breed Of Dogs Is Kept In Both The Guard Dog And Family Dog ​​Categories. This Means That You Can Use The German Shepherd To Protect Your Home As Well As Play With Them. The German Shepherd Dog Breed Has Many Characteristics, Which We Will Talk About Later In The Article.

History Of The German Shepherd

The Dog Breed Of German Shepherd Was First Created In 1899. This Work Was Done By Two German People. Those People Created This Dog Breed Because They Wanted To Have A Dog Breed That Is Very Healthy, Physically Strong, A Walking Dog And Looks Like A Wolf. Similarly, This Dog Breed Was Named German Shepherd. Today This Dog Breed Is Very Popular All Over The World.

German Shepherd Temperament

  • German Shepherds Also Come Within The Larger Breeds Of Dogs. Most People Consider The German Shepherd Only As A Guard Dog. The Same German Shepherd Is Also Considered A Family Dog.
  • If You Want To Know About The Nature Of German Shepherd, Then Their Nature Is Very Cute, Intelligent And The Special Thing Is That They Are Also Very Intelligent. Talking About German Shepherds, They Are Very Loyal To Their Owner And Family And Very Devoted To Their Safety.
  • As We Told You Above That The German Shepherd Dog Breed Is A Guard Dog Breed. Due To Which His Nature Is Also A Little Aggressive. Whenever German Shepherds See A Stranger In Their Owner’s Home, They Become A Little More Aggressive. So We Can Conclude That If The German Shepherd Dog Is Not Trained Properly Then It Is Very Aggressive And Angry.

Physical Appearance Of The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Is A Large Dog Breed. It Is Very Agile. For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That The Weight Of An Adult German Shepherd Ranges From 30 Kg To 40 Kg. If We Talk About The Same Height, Then It Ranges From 60 Cm To 65 Cm. If We Talk About The Weight Of The Female German Shepherd, Then It Ranges From 25 To 35 Kg. The Height Is Also Somewhere Between 55 To 60 Cm.

Talking About The Life Of German Shepherd In Dog Breed, They Live Only For About 10 Years To 13 Years. Talking About The Running Speed Of German Shepherd, They Can Run At A Speed Of 48 Kilometers Per Hour.

German Shepherd Identification

  • The Head Of The German Shepherd Dog Is Only Of Medium Size, Which Is Neither Too Big Nor Too Small. German Shepherds Have Very Strong Jaws. Talking About The Color Of His Nose, It Is Black. Talking About The Eyes, They Are Of Medium Size. Which Is Mainly Seen In Brown Color. Talking About The Ears Of German Shepherd, They Are Triangle Shaped. Also, If We Talk About The Neck, It Is Of Long, Thick And Thick Hair.
  • Talking About The Hair Of This Dog Breed, It Looks Very Thick And Long. Their Hair Color Is Present Only In Black Shades. If We Talk About The Tail Of The German Shepherd, Then It Appears Long, Dense And Downward. The Tail Of The German Shepherd Is Towards The Upper Part Of Their Body. If You See A German Shepherd’s Tail Curled In A Ring Shape, It Means That It Is Not A Pure German Shepherd.
  • Many A Times, Breeders Do Not Breed Pure German Shepherds, Which Are Quite Different From A Pure German Shepherd. For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That The Ears Of The German Shepherd Are Present In The Upper Part Of The Head. When German Shepherds Are 2 To 3 Months Old, Their Ears Also Stand Upwards.
  • You Can Also Identify German Shepherds By Their Paws. The Paws Of The German Shepherd Are Thick, Wide And Widely Spaced. The Back Legs Of The German Shepherd Are Slightly Arched. The Rear Of The German Shepherd Tends To Be Slightly More Arched Than The Front.

German Shepherd Disease

Let's start Information about the German Shepherd Dog
Let’s start Information about the German Shepherd Dog

This German Shepherd Is A Healthy Dog. It Is Considered A Very Good Dog Breed. If You Also Want To Know About The Disease Associated With German Shepherd, Then You Have To See This Section.

● Hip Dysplasia

It Is Believed That Hip Dysplasia Can Be Seen In 19 Percent Of Dogs In The German Shepherd Breed. This Problem Is Quite Common In German Shepherds. You Can Cure This Disease By Giving Nutritional Food To Your Dog.

● Von Willebrand’s Disease

This Problem Is Also Called VWD. This Problem Is Seen Inside The Blood In The Dog. In This Problem, Blood Clots Start Forming. This Problem Is Mostly Present In German Shepherds Since Birth.

● Canine Hip Dysplasia

In This Type Of Problem, The German Shepherd Feels Pain In The Hip Joint And The Joint Around It. Due To This Problem, Back And Joint Pain Is Seen In The German Shepherd Breed. Many Times The Problem Of Lameness Is Also Seen In German Shepherds.

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German Shepherd Traits

This German Shepherd Dog Is Very Strong And Intelligent. Also, German Shepherds Are More Agile Than Other Dog Breeds. German Shepherd Comes In The List Of A Guard Dog. Due To Which It Is Completely Devoted To The Safety Of Its Owner. Also, If You Train Them At An Early Age, Then They Also Become A Good Family Dog. At The Same Time, They Are Very Agile. Due To Which They Are Also Appointed Inside The Police Force In Many Countries. German Shepherd Can Catch A Speed Of 48 Km While Running.

What Is The Identity Of German Shepherd Dogs?

● Their Ears Are On Top Of The Head And There Is A Distance Between Both The Ears And After 2 To 3 Months Their Ears Stand Upwards.

● The Real German Shepherd Dog Is Identified By Its Paws, Its Paws Are Thick And Wide Spread.

● The Back Legs Of An Original German Shepherd Are Bent And The Front Legs Are Short And When It Is Standing The Back Part Of The Body Is Slightly Bent. Take

● The Tail Of The German Shepherd Is On The Top Of The Body And Its Tail Is Connected In The Shape Of A Ring, So You Understand That This Is Not The Original German Shepherd Dog, Because The Original German Shepherd Dog’s Tail Is Always Thick And Straight And Down Goes Towards

● The Head Of A Purebred German Shepherd Is Broad And Broad And The Muzzle Is Long, Which When Viewed From The Front Will Show Both Ears In A Triangular Shape Along The Entire Head.

● Friends, German Shepherd Dogs Are Very Agile, Fast And Playful, Due To Which Their Energy Level Is So High That It Is Not Possible For Many People To Control It, If The German Shepherd Dog You Have Bought Has These Types Of Qualities So You Understand That You Have Bought A Real German Shepherd Dog,   Their Agility And The Energy Level Of Their Body Is Also A Symbol Of The Purity Of The German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Diet

The German Shepherd Comes In A Long Dog Breed. Due To Which They Also Need More Nutrition. For A German Shepherd To Grow Well, It Is Important That They Get The Right Amount Of Food At The Right Time.

You Should Give Such Food To Your German Shepherd From Inside Which They Get Nutrition Like Omega 3, Omega 6, Calcium And Iron. If All These Things Are Present Inside The Food You Are Giving To The German Shepherd, Then It Provides Protection To Your Bones And Muscles.

You Should Also Provide A Moderate Amount Of Fiber In The German Shepherd’s Diet. So That He Can Easily Digest His Food. You Can Give German Shepherd Boiled Eggs, Oats, Milk And Boiled Meat. You Can Also Give Chenna To Your German Shepherd To Eat.

What Nutrients Do German Shepherds Need?

Because The German Shepherd Is A High-Breed Dog, It Needs Many Types Of Nutrients, Only Then It Remains Mentally And Physically Strong, In Such A Situation, What Nutrients Should You Give To German Shepherd Dogs? If You Do Not Know, Then We Will Give You The Complete Details Below, Let Us Know.


Fat Is Necessary For The Development Of The German Shepherd And In This Case, If You Give Fat Related Food To Your Dog, Then The Development Of The Muscles, Cell Tissue And Nerves Of The Dog Happens With A Rapid Pace, But You Must Always Keep One Thing In Mind That You Do Not Make The Dog Consume Excessive Amount Of Fat, It Can Cause Serious Diseases Related To Blood Pressure And Heart In Your Dog.


As You Know That Calories Are A Branch Of Energy And In Such A Situation If You Do Not Give Calories To Your Dog, Then It Will Increase The Risk Of Many Types Of Diseases. You Should Always Choose Such Food Which Has More Calories In It, But Keep One Thing In Mind That When You Are Giving More Calories To Your Dog, Then You Must Get Physical Activity Done So That Calories Do Not Accumulate In The Body In The Form Of Fat. Could


Protein Is Needed To Strengthen The Muscles And Immunity Of The German Shepherd Dog, So You Must Feed Your Dog The Amount Of Potty-Related Compost Material Received, According To A Study, The Young German Shepherd Dog Needs 22% Protein. Whereas An Adult German Shepherd Needs 18% Protein, So Give German Shepherd Dogs The Amount Of Protein They Get.

4. Fiber

Fiber Is Such A Nutrient, By Consuming Which, Apart From Humans, Dogs Also Remain Healthy, In Such A Situation, If You Have A German Shepherd Dog, Then Give It Fiber-Related Food In The Amount Received, So That Its Digestion Is Strong, So That Your Dog Can Eat As Much As It Wants. May He Get Help In Digesting It.

5.Omega 3 Fatty Acids 6

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Is A Very Essential Nutrient For The German Shepherd Dog, By Its Consumption, German Shepherd Dogs Keep Skin, Eyes, Hair Health And Most Importantly, Omega-3 Fatty Acids Have An Important Contribution In The Development Of The Brain.

What To Feed German Shepherd

Let’s start Information about the German Shepherd Dog

● If You Have Taken A German Shepherd Baby Whose Age Is More Than 3 Weeks, Then First Of All Give Him The Same Food Which You Have Been Asked To Give, After That Slowly Start Giving Starter Because It Contains More Protein. And Fat Is Found Which Is Important For The Development Of German Shepherd’s Children. After Feeding, Feed Them The Amount Of Water They Get. In Winter, Make German Shepherd’s Child Drink Warm Water. You Need To Give Starter Food For Three To Four Months.

● When The German Shepherd Child Turns 3 Months Old, Then You Should Make Him Eat Pummy Food, It Contains Essential Nutrients Like Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Omega-6. This Type Of Nutrient Strengthens The Bones And Teeth Of The German Shepherd Child. And These Nutrients Also Play An Important Role In Their Development. Puppy Food German Shepherd Needs To Be Given From Nine To Eleven Months.

● When The Age Of German Shepherd Is More Than 10 Months, Then At That Time He Has To Be Given A Balanced Diet, For This You Should Consume All The Essential Nutrients That Come Under Dog Food, You Should Make Your German Shepherd Dog Eat A Balanced Diet As An Adult. German Shepherds Make An Ideal Dog Food.

How Often Should A German Shepherd Be Fed?

● How Often German Shepherd Should Be Given Food Or Depends On Its Age, In General, German Shepherd Should Be Given Small Amounts Of Food Four Times A Day, It Would Be Fine To Give It At An Interval Of 4 Hours From The Meal.

● Feed The German Shepherd Puppy Three Times A Day Between The Age Of 5 To 10 Months. The Amount Of Water Obtained With The Food Has To Be Sent, This Will Lead To The Rapid Development Of The German Shepherd Puppy.

If German Shepherd Dogs Are Following, Then We Will Share With You The Details Of The Complete List Of Things That You Can Make Your Dog At Home, Let Us Know-

Chicken And Meat

You Can Feed Chicken And Meat To The German Shepherd Dog Because Protein And Vitamins Are Found In Plenty Inside It, And This Type Of Intake Will Make Your German Shepherd Dog Strong And Agile. Most Importantly, It Strengthens The Bones Of German Shepherd Dogs. One Thing Will Always Be Kept In Mind That You Should Never Give Spicy Chicken Meat To The Dog Because It Will Be Harmful To The Health Of The Dog.

2. Fruit

The German Shepherd’s Dog Should Be Fed Enough Fruits Because The Amount Of Fiber Is Found Inside The Fruit, Its Consumption Will Strengthen Your Dog’s Digestive System, Especially You Can Give Apple, Banana, Pomegranate, Melon, To Your German Shepherd Dog  . Cucumber, Watermelon, Mango, Chiku, Naspati Which Can Be Fed Fruits. But You Will Keep In Mind That Grapes And Avocado Should Not Be Consumed By The Dog Because Seeds Are Found Inside It.

3 Eggs

Eggs Are Rich In Protein, Iron And Amino Acids, Which Are Important For The Health Of A German Shepherd Dog. If You Also Feed Eggs To Your Dog, It Helps Significantly In Its Development.

4. Rice

At Home, You Can Make German Shepherd Dog Consume Cooked Rice, But Never Make Your Dog Consume Brown Rice And Red Rice, It Can Cause Many Types Of Stomach Related Diseases.


Oats Is Such A Nutrient That If You Make Your German Shepherd Dog Consume It, Then It Can Reach The Amount Of Nutrients Received In Its Body And Along With It Your Dog Becomes Fast And Agile. Oats You Can Give Your Dog Hot Water Or  Warm Can Be Given With Milk.

German Shepherd Dog Price

If You Want To Buy A German Shepherd Dog, Then Its Price Ranges From ₹ 18000 To ₹ 30000, Although There Is A Difference In Their Prices According To The City And States.

German Shepherd Price In Some Major And Big Cities Of India

If You Want To Know About The Cost Of A German Shepherd Dog In Major Cities Of India, Then I Am Giving It Below –

NagpurRs 10,000-30,000

FAQ (Answers To Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Life Span Of A German Shepherd?

The Life Span Of The German Shepherd Dog Breed Is Within 10 Years To 13 Years.

When Was The German Shepherd First Bred?

In The Year 1899, The German Shepherd Was First Bred By Two French People. This Breed Looks Like A Wolf. But It Is Also A Good Runner. Also Very Loyal And Agile.

How Many Types Of German Shepherd Are There?

As Of Now, There Is Only One Type Of German Shepherd.