Little dogs that don't grow

Little dogs that don’t grow

Can you imagine having a dog that remains the same size as a puppy? Or that he just grows up and always looks like a puppy? Well, there is nothing without reason in this. In fact, there are small dogs that do not grow or grow very little, keeping their size as a puppy. But what are they?

Si you are looking for small dogs that do not grow , either because they are the ones you like, because you do not have much space in the house, or just because you are curious, here we are going to talk about.

Are There Small Dogs That Don’t Grow Up?

There are people in the world who adore large dogs, which occupy almost as much space as a person. And others prefer to choose small dogs that do not grow. Both are advantages in their own right, but there is also a series of characteristics that define them.

Little dogs that don't grow
Little dogs that don’t grow

You should know that all dogs grow up. It is something inevitable. However, it is true that there are breeds whose growth is not as fast or as high as that of other dogs. Also, small dogs that don’t grow usually reach their full size around 6-8 months, so by then you can get an idea of ​​how big they will be.

In general, small dogs that do not thrive are characterized by the following:

  • Their size does not exceed 40 centimeters. In fact, barring exceptions, of course, they’re not going to measure much. Usually they are around or even less than that figure.
  • Their weight does not exceed 10 kg . Here we must make a caveat, and that is that, like other dogs, they can also be overweight, which makes them overweight, but it is important that this does not become a problem and that they really have their ideal Be the weight, which will be according to the breed whose measurements are already there.
  • They are more specialized beings. Not only because they are not designed for long walks, or for endless games. In other words, we can talk about “ornamental” dogs.

Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Grow Up

Everything that we have explained to you before, surely now it is a bit clear to you what we mean by these dogs. And if you still want to have one of them as a companion, we are going to give you some of the dog breeds that fall under these characteristics. Of course, you must be careful since some breeds have different sizes and you may find that these grow a little more than normal (thus leaving the group).

Yorkshire Terrier

This is one of the most famous little dogs that don’t grow up. However, there is one point we must make here and that is that there are different sizes within this breed. It is true that the “biggest” Yorkshire usually does not reach 40 cm or 10 kg, but it will grow somewhat compared to a puppy.

Instead, mini Yorkshires stay about the same size as adults. , Usually they are about 15-20 cm and a maximum of 1-2 kg. Of course, they are not easy to find and in many cases they are sold for high prices.


It is a breed that comes from Mexico and is characterized by being one of those small dogs that do not grow. In fact, in the adult state they can measure between 15 and 30 cm, with a minimum weight of 1,5 and a maximum of 3 kg.

yes they are very delicate and delicate dogs, they do not tolerate the cold well, nor do they move a lot, which is why whoever has them usually carries them in their arms, or with them in special bags takes you for a walk.

bichon frisky

This dog, as well as its “brother”, the Maltese, are dogs that can reach 25 cm and 3 kg. They are very domesticated and small dogs that hardly change their appearance when they become adults, so you will have an almost permanent puppy.

In addition, unlike other breeds of small dogs that do not growl, they are more sociable than others, they tolerate living with children well. They adapt to routine and don’t require a lot of care nor do they make a lot of mess.


The pug breed, or perhaps you know them as pugs, they do not exceed 35 centimeters. They are a bit more delicate than normal, especially since they are prone to obesity and other health problems. But if they are taken care of properly then there will be no problem.

Like the previous one, the pug is a very sociable dog and also playful. His hair is very short so there will be no problem of getting dirty in the house.


This dog is a hoax. And it is that when you look at it you will think that it is much bigger than it is. However, it is an “illusion” due to its enormous fur. He is one of the really small dogs that does not grow and is about 22 cm in size and about 4 kg in weight.

Of course, you should know the history of this breed and that is that earlier there were dogs that could weigh 10 kilos. In addition, its function was to pull the sled. The breed was genetically manipulated to be smaller than it is found now, but you must not forget that in its genes, it had to evolve further (because it may happen that some stand out from the norm be).

shih tzu

This dog, somewhat resembling a Yorkshire, measures no more than 25 centimeters. Their maximum weight will be 7 kilos and they are animals that require the care of their fur, as it needs daily brushing to avoid it becoming knotted or matted over a long period of time.

In fact, many people choose it for this very reason, as it is ideal for “doing cute things”, such as hairstyles, dressing up with clothes…


Perhaps because of the breed you don’t put a “face” on these little dogs that don’t grow up. But if we say “dachshund” to you, surely we’ve already got what you mean in mind, They are characterized by an elongated body and short legs, as well as a head with an elongated snout.

They are not dogs that weigh more than 35 cm or 9 kg with which, even if it is to the limit, they fall under this type of animal because of their characteristics.

They have a very, very short coat, and they are very curious and playful, as well as patient (especially when it comes to doing cute things).