Long haired guinea pig

Long haired guinea pig

Let’s know about the long haired guinea pig. Guinea pigs have become excellent pets that are in high demand all over the world. And they are very affectionate and love to have them at home. There are different types of guinea pigs based on their fur, among other characteristics. Longhair guinea pigs are the ones that have a more abundant coat and a more general appearance. There are some species that have long hair and care for them is not much different from the normal species.

Long haired guinea pig
Long haired guinea pig

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about long haired guinea pigs and their care.

with the main species of guinea pigs

All the species we are going to name have long hair, and their length and hair type varies depending on the breed. Let’s see what are the main species:

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

This is a type of guinea pig that has become the most popular of the long haired guinea pigs. This type of guinea pig is native to South America. However, it is not that their hair is excessively long, rather it is a specialty. And that is it is a hair that can grow to form rosettes or small eddies . In this way, these animals managed to appear or be heavy without actually being so. Its rosettes are spread all over the body except the head and abdomen.

There is a wide variety of colors for the Abyssinian guinea pig, including brindle, brindle or roan. Let’s see what they are:

  • Tabby: This is a color that covers the whole body with long black and red hairs.
  • Keri : It is also known as tortoise shell. It has colored spots on its fur that look similar to those of the hawksbill turtle.
  • Rann: This is a fur that is made of a mixture of white dyes. Some species have mixed colors between red and white and others between white and black.

This type of guinea pig has a different character from other breeds because it is quite mischievous. She is very energetic and learns to enjoy the attention given to her by her owner. He usually wants pampering and attention. The advantage of this breed compared to others is that it can be trained and learns things very quickly. They can learn a lot very quickly, especially if you educate them from an early age. Men have a more intense character than women.

In their care, it should be kept in mind that they should not bathe. If we bathe this guinea pig excessively, the protective layer of its skin. If we want to keep the coat clean and healthy, all we have to do is brush them from time to time with a soft brush. The back is special because this is where they have more knots.

Long Haired Guinea Pig: Peruvian

The iguana guinea pig is another species within the long-haired guinea pigs. It is not a very common type of guinea pig, but its fur makes it very special. Its size is usually large as compared to the rest of the breeds . However, its head is very small as compared to other breeds. The main feature of the species is long fur in the form of a coat that reaches down to the feet. Unlike what happens with other guinea pigs, the hair parting on the top of the head runs backwards.

The guard guinea pig has two rosettes. Various cultivars with other colors and color patterns can be found within this species. Since they are very curious guinea pigs, they love to explore everything around them. They enjoy the company of their caregivers, so it’s best to spend some time playing with them or giving them little treats.

For your care, this is one of the long haired guinea pigs that is more difficult to maintain. And it is that his hair has increased a lot. This increase is adverse to your cleaning operations. And that is that it is important to keep all the areas around you clean so that the dog does not pick up dirt when passing by. It is also necessary to brush them every day and even several times a day to keep them free of knots and dirt. If we let the hair get dirty, it could mean the possibility of friendship and health problems. To facilitate the maintenance of the coat, it is advisable to trim it when it reaches the ground. , Thus, it does not attract dirt while walking on the floor.

Coronet Guinea Pig

It has long been one of the species of guinea pigs that combine several of them. It is a combination of the Crested Guinea Pig and the Silky Guinea Pig. This species has very long hairs and grows in a spiral. It has a sort of crown or rosette in the middle of its head, hence its name. This crown may or may not be a different color from the rest of the body. The hair falls on the sides marking a line in the middle of the back which makes it more attractive.

As would be expected from this type of long haired guinea pig, he is quite playful, inquisitive and affectionate. They constantly try to get their owner’s attention and have a hard time when left alone for too long. Maintenance is somewhat difficult in this species. He should be brushed daily to remove the dirt he drags in and to remove tangles from the fur. If the knots get too long, it will cause too much stress to the guinea pig.

Another factor that needs to be taken into account in their diet is giving them a bite every now and then. cutting is interesting and but when we see that it gets to the ground

Long Haired Guinea Pig: Silky Guinea Pig

This last species does not have rosettes and has long, straight hair. Its name is due to the fact that its coat is very silky. It however grows quite rapidly from birth. It is very similar to the Peruvian guinea pig, but its hair grows from head to trunk. Unlike the other guinea pigs we have mentioned, this one has a very calm and shy character. It is very normal that at first it is difficult for him to adapt to the conditions in the house and to the relationship with his owner.

They are very sensitive to bath, so they should be avoided. Daily brushing is enough to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the main species of long haired guinea pigs and how to care for them.