Midget fee is a real family member

Midget fee is a real family member

Midget fee is a real family member: Let’s know about Midget fee is a real family member. Want a Happy Bustle at Home? A cool and warm afternoon hug with your dearest? Want unrequited and faithful mutual love? All you will do if you get a dwarf dachshund. After all, the dwarf dachshund is a real family member.

A Dwarf Dachshund’s ultimate dream is to be able to snuggle up on your lap. But, even standing on your hind legs, it will hardly reach you calves. The whole breed is divided into “dwarfs” and “rabbits”. The first ones do not exceed four times their weight, in the adult state their chest circumference is 35 cm. And the second weighs about three kilograms, chest girth up to 30 centimeters. They are born with a mass of not more than 100 grams. Dwarf dachshund at home is, first of all, a real family member who does not live with you, but lives with you.

It won’t give you any trouble, but it won’t allow you to neglect yourself. It needs respect more than care. She will not eat you: 100-150 grams of normal dog food is enough for a day. Initially, this breed was bred in Germany for hunting. Complicated with fine teeth, Hardy, fast, brave, they can perfectly catch badgers, hares and small rodents. But now they are so domesticated that it is much easier to imagine them on your couch than in a dense forest.

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Midget fee is a real family member
Midget fee is a real family member

At first, wire haired dachshunds were withdrawn. But everything in our life is striving for simplification, acceleration and comfort. Individuals with long and short hair appeared more comfortable to settle at home. Coats are subject to trimming – that is, the wool has to be broken. Long hair is sometimes combed. And stay with short hair on your own without any hairdressers. The color of the breed is varied. Classical – black and tan and red, exotic – from chocolate, marble, boar and coffee-boar.

The Dwarf Dachshund doesn’t need long walks. If, on the other hand, there is not enough time and willpower for small things in the yard at 8 in the morning, then there is no urgent need to walk with them twice a day. Inseparable dwarf dachshunds without special problems for themselves and will agree to use disposable diapers from the pet store for you. Although, of course, like any living creature, the dachshund is useful and pleasant to be in the fresh air. In the courtyard, she quietly interacts with large dogs and can stand up not only for you, but also for you. Courage is in his blood, even when he was a real hunting dog. But from large dogs, behaving aggressively, it must be protected.

Dwarf dachshunds get along very well with children, but their character, full of self-esteem, manifests itself earlier. They allow the child to do whatever they want with him. But according to his understanding, everything has its limits. They put themselves above the children and always determine who is the master in the house. A female can take care of him all his life, but if the owner is a man, he will never get more love from the dachshund than she does. This dog is small, but as they say, remote.

If she wants, she will give a paw, sit up, and bring slippers. But if you don’t want to, you won’t do anything with it. So, you are treating your long-tailed, woolly, but still real friend in something wrong. It should not only be loved, Rather it should be respected. She respects herself. And if you treat her as she deserves, and treat her with the care she deserves, you will live with your soulmate in spirit.

The first thing that catches your eye when you see a dwarf dachshund – a real member of the family, is an expressive look. It sounds like he wants to be friends with you. If you, succumbing to his immense charm, begin to stroke him – he immediately splits in front of you with a cat and knocks on the floor, tail no more than your palm. Dwarf Dachshunds are very sociable.

When you return home after a hard day, a whole flurry of positive emotions from meeting you will await you. After all, your friend hasn’t seen you all day and is very bored! Cheerfulness and activity in them remain even at the most respectable age. And that your tax is not really bored, it is not difficult to get two or three persons at once. The fact is that caring for them will take more than one. It is better that they were of the same sex.

Mothers-dachshunds usually produce not one, but two or four small puppies. Miniature dachshunds are smaller in size than a cat, and if you leave the country in the summer, the usual “carry-over” for domestic animals is quite suitable. She keeps the road calmly. Be careful at the dacha. A dwarf dachshund can get lost in the labyrinths of high meadows and become lost among courgettes, raspberries and garden flowers. There are no diseases specific to the miniature dachshund, as there are no problems with the spine. His nervous system is strong. And with one timely vaccination (like any ordinary dog), the baby will spend up to 16 years living with you.