Puppy Dog Diet Plan

Puppy Dog Diet Plan

Let’s know about Puppy Dog Diet Plan. A Small Puppy Is Called A Puppy. There Are Many Differences Between The Diet Of A Puppy And An Adult Dog. If You Also Have A Small Puppy, Then You Should Take Special Care Of Its Diet. If His Mother Is Also Present With Your Puppy, Then In Such A Situation, He Gets Complete Nutrition From His Mother. Same If You Have Only Small Dogs, Then You Have To Take Care Of Their Diet Completely. Friends, Petting A Dog Is A Hobby Of Many People, So When People Bring A Small Puppy Home, Most Of The People Do Not Know What To Feed The Puppy Which Is From 2 Months To 6 Months. . Many People Keep Searching On Google About What Food To Feed A Small Dog. Friends, Most Of The People Do Not Know What Food Should Be Fed To A Small Dog, So In Today’s Article, We Will Tell You The Complete It Is Going To Give Information That What Should Be Fed To A Small Puppy, Then You Will Have To Read This Article Completely To Know. So Let’s Go Ahead –

What To Feed A Puppy

Friends, Whenever You Bring A Puppy At Home, That Puppy Should Be At Least 1 Month Old, Only Then You Bring It Home, If You Bring A 2-Month-Old Puppy, It Will Be Even Better. Because Friends, If A Puppy Drinks Its Mother’s Milk For One Or Two Months, Then It Is Beneficial For Him. So When You Bring Home A 1 Or 2 Month Old Puppy, You Can Give Him Milk, But You Should Not Give Pure Milk, You Should Mix Half Of The Water In That Milk, Because If You Give Him Pure Milk, He Will Not Be Able To Digest It, He Will Have Diarrhea. Stomach Upset Can Be A Problem. When The Puppy Becomes Bigger Than 1 Month, Then It Becomes Fit To Eat A Little Bit Of Food, You Can Give Rice Along With Milk, You Can Also Give Curd And Whey. Apart From This, Friends, You Can Also Give Home-Made Lentils And Rice To Your Little Puppy By Mixing A Little Curd And Whey.

You Will Find A Lot Of Food In The Market For Small Puppies, Which You Can Feed Your Puppy, The Growth Of Your Puppy Will Also Be Faster.

You Can Give Milk To The Puppy –

Puppy Dog Diet Plan
Puppy Dog Diet Plan

Milk Is Very Beneficial For The Health Of Humans And Animals. Milk Contains Proteins, Lactose And Other Nutrients Besides This. Due To This, The Health Of The Dogs Remains Good And The Health Of The Dogs Develops Well. Milk Contains Calcium. Bones Become Strong Due To Calcium In The Body. Teeth Also Become Strong By Drinking Milk.

There Are Many Advantages To Feeding A Dog, But There Are Also Disadvantages. Some Dogs Also Have To Face Some Problems By Feeding Them Milk. If There Is Any Problem With Feeding Your Dog, Then You Should Stop Feeding The Dog At The Same Time. Feeding The Dog Can Cause Gas, Diarrhea, Loose Stools, Abdominal Pain, Vomiting, This Type Of Problem. Some Dogs Are Not Able To Digest Milk. Lactase Enzyme Is Required In The Dog To Digest Milk. But Some Dogs Are Not Able To Produce It. Some Dogs Can Digest Milk Very Well And Without Any Problem. Try To Never Give Pure Milk To The Dog, Mix Some Water With The Milk.

Curd –

If Your Dog Cannot Digest Milk Well, Then You Can Feed It Curd. Curd Is Very Easy To Digest. Curd Contains Many Nutrients. This Can Help Your Dog To Stay In Good Health And Develop The Body. Curd Also Contains Calcium. This Strengthens The Bones Of The Dog’s Body. Consuming Curd Also Strengthens The Digestive System. Eating Curd Also Strengthens Immunity. This Can Protect Your Dog From Infection. Too Sweet Curd Should Not Be Fed To The Dog, It Can Also Harm The Dog.

Egg –

Eggs This Food Is Very Cheap And Good For The Dog. You Can Give Raw Egg To The Dog To Eat Or You Can Also Give It Cooked. It Is Also Very Beneficial To Give Raw Egg With Peel To The Dog To Eat. When You Give Raw Egg With Shell To The Dog, Then It Gets The Benefit Of Protein, Selenium, Biotin, Riboflavin. You Have To Keep In Mind That When You Give Your Dog An Egg To Eat, Do Not Add Too Much Salt And Spices To It Because It Can Harm Your Dog.

Chapati And Milk

As We Told You Above, Milk Contains Protein, Lactose And Other Nutrients Besides It. Due To This, The Health Of The Dogs Remains Good And The Health Of The Dogs Develops Well. Milk Contains Calcium. Bones Become Strong Due To Calcium In The Body. Teeth Also Become Strong By Drinking Milk. Chapati Contains Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron. This Improves The Health Of The Dogs. Calcium Strengthens The Bones Of Dogs. Chapatis Are Also Easy To Digest. You Can Give It To The Dog By Cutting It Into Small Pieces And Mixing It In Milk Or Mixing It In A Mixer Of Chapati And Milk.

Apple –

Apple Is Also Very Beneficial For The Health Of The Dog. The Way Humans Get Many Benefits From Eating Apples, In The Same Way Dogs Also Get Many Benefits From Eating Apples. Apples Are Also Rich In Vitamin A And Vitamin C. You Can Give Apples To The Dog To Eat Even Without Removing The Peel. When You Give Apple To Dog To Eat Then You Have To Keep One Thing In Mind That After Taking Out The Seeds Of Apple Give It To The Dog To Eat. Because Apple Seeds Contain Cyanide And It Is Not Good For The Dog’s Health. If Your Dog Is Very Small, Then You Should Feed The Dog By Cutting Small Pieces Of Apple.

What Should Be The Diet Of A Small Puppy?

Your Little Puppy Needs To Eat To Grow And Then Only He Can Turn Into A Healthy Dog. How Much Food You Should Give Your Puppy Depends On Their Weight, Month, And Breed.

How Much Food Should Be Given To A Small Puppy?

Little Puppies Grow Very Fast. Those Little Dogs Need To Eat According To Their Weight. If Your Puppy Is Younger Than 3 Months Old, They Need Less Food. You Have To Take Care That Your Puppy Does Not Eat Too Much Food. By The Time He Is 3 Months Old, Your Puppy’s Belly Should Be Round.  

If Your Dog Is 6 To 12 Months Old, Then You Can Reduce The Calories Intake Per Day Of Your Dog. This Is The Time When Most Dogs Switch From Puppy Food To Adult Dog Food. Small Breed Dogs Change Into Adult Form At The Age Of 7 To 9 Months. Same Big Breed Dog Takes 12 To 14 Months.

In Conclusion, The Food You Should Feed Your Puppy Should Depend On His Age And The Kind Of Food You Are Giving Him. We Have Made A Table Below, You Can See It,

For Small Puppies 1 To 3 Months Old

Dog WeightCup Amount
1 To 5 Pounds⅓ To 1-½
6 To 10 Pounds1-½ To 2-½
11 To 22 Pounds2-⅓ To 4
Puppy Dog Diet Plan

For Small Puppies 3 To 6 Months Old

WeightCup Amount
1 To 5⅓ To 1
6 To 101-¼ To 1-½
11 To 151-¾ To 2-⅓
16 To 252-⅓ To 3-½
26 To 333-⅔ To 4-⅓
Puppy Dog Diet Plan

 For Small Puppies 6 To 12 Months Old

WeightCup Amount
5 To 10½ To 1
11 To 151 To 1-⅓
16 To 25 1-½ To 2-¼
26 To 352-⅓ To 2-⅔
36 To 452-⅔ To 3-⅓
46 To 553-⅓ To 3-¾
56 To 653-¾ To 4-½
Puppy Dog Diet Plan

How Many Times A Day Should A Puppy Be Fed?

We Told You Above How Many Cups A Day You Can Give To A Small Puppy. How You Divide The Cups During The Day Should Depend On Your Dog’s Appetite. When Is Your Dog Hungry? It Depends On This. By The Time Your Dog Is Not 6 Months Old, You Should Give Food At Least 3 Times A Day.

It Is Important To Have A Time Schedule For Eating.

If You Make A Time Schedule For Your Small Dog’s Child, Then On The Basis Of That Only Then They Feel Hungry Further. With This, The Life Of These Little Dogs Is Easy, As Well As Their Potty Time Is Also Fixed. Due To Which Your Life Also Remains In Balance.