Rex guinea pig

Rex guinea pig

There are many guinea pigs in the world. and many others who may have been lost along the way. Within the short haired guinea pigs, the one that stands out from the others for being like a ball is the Rex guinea pig, quite robust and with low maintenance.

If you want to know the characteristics of the Rex guinea pig , what is its natural habitat and how to care for it as a pet (feeding, breeding, etc.) be sure to read the file that we have prepared for you.

Rex guinea pig
Rex guinea pig

Rex Guinea Pig Characteristics

The Rex guinea pig is considered the largest of the species, as they can easily reach up to 29 centimeters. As far as his hair is concerned, it can be between one kilo to one and a half kilos. Being prone to becoming overweight, this fact must be handled very well to avoid drying out their life expectancy, which is between 5 and 8 years.

It is characterized by having a very short coat, barely 1 centimeter in length, but it is very dense and with a woolly texture, as if it were wool attached to the body and in some cases somewhat curly.

His face is small, but his head is quite broad. Its eyes are turned outwards, which are very large. as well as the ears, which are petal-shaped and can grow between 20 and 45 cm. Yes, falling.

As far as colors go, the truth is you can find different shades but almost always gray, white or black tones are the most common.

rex guinea pig treats

Rex guinea pig is very friendly. It has nocturnal habits and also needs to be in company (though never two males together) to feel happy. Some people think that she can learn tricks because she is very smart, but she sins in the sense that she is not usually active, at least not as much as others of her species.

Despite her sociability, she is very shy and gets scared easily, but once she gains confidence, she becomes affectionate.


rex guinea pig is known from South America. Specifically from the region of Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. As for their “age”, that is, when they appeared, the truth is that it is not known for certain, but there are indications that, 30 million years ago, they were already present in the world, In this case, coming from Africa.

Over time, the Rex guinea pig “migrated” to Europe, which kept it as a pet, as it is today.

Talking about their natural habitat, they used to live in mountainous areas, rocky places, forests or where there is a lot of vegetation. Also, they sought out areas with colder temperatures, so they evolved.

Caring for the Rex Guinea Pig as a Pet

If you want to keep a Rex guinea pig as a pet and you want to learn firsthand about its needs, despite the fact that it is one of the easiest guinea pigs to keep, here we will guide you. Let’s leave everything you need to know about them.


As you know, the Rex guinea pig is one of the largest. This means that his cage should also be roomy enough for him to be comfortable. In this sense, and although it has a place to place a wheel or any toy with which it is entertained, it is important that you know that you will have to take your pet out 2-3 times a day .

Because Because the Rex guinea pig is prone to becoming overweight, in addition to the fact that, unlike others of its species, it is less active, so it will not be able to burn calories if it eats too many, and this Will affect health.

For this reason, choose a large cage (remember you need to be together, or you may become depressed), but also a play area (guinea pigs don’t jump, so it doesn’t have to be an enclosed area). , but with a small fence so as not to run away and keep an eye on it.

The cage, as well as its play area, should be made of durable material, and possibly easy to clean. Keep in mind that you should clean it at least 1-2 times a week so that bacteria does not accumulate which can affect its health.

rex guinea pig hygiene

Although the Rex guinea pig is short-haired, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t groom it from time to time. In fact, it’s recommended to wipe down with a damp cloth every 2-3 days, as well as brushing him to remove any dirt or grime to help keep his hair looking clean and shiny.

This pet should not be bathed, as it easily catches cold. For this reason, a dry bath is always better.

Another care that you should do is to help clean his ears and his eyes.

rex feeding the guinea pig

The diet of the Rex guinea pig, like that of many others, is grass-based. It’s their staple food, but that doesn’t mean it’s really the only one. Along with this foundation he also needs to give him some fodder and vegetables, as well as some well cut fruits so that you don’t suffocate.

As for water, it is essential and can never be in short supply. In fact, after 22 days, he is able to take it, despite the fact that it is still, sometimes, accompanied by breast milk.

rex guinea pig breeding

As you know, guinea pigs are rodents whose breeding season is almost constant and very easy to breed. Generally, when a guinea pig is one month old, it is already sexually mature. The same is the case with rex guinea pigs, but they are polygamous, meaning that a male may mate with several females during the breeding season.

La pregnancy is between 59 and 72 days, although they almost never reach the maximum number of days. Once she gives birth, she will give birth to one to seven pups, each weighing about 100 grams. You should keep in mind that a female Rex guinea pig is capable of becoming pregnant again three weeks after delivery , so you may have consecutive pups if you don’t keep an eye on the male.

As for the puppies, their development is very rapid and at practically three weeks they are already independent. Of course, if they all live in the same cage then territorial fighting may occur as well as space.