Signs of pregnancy in cat

Signs of pregnancy in cat

Signs of pregnancy in cat: Let us know about the Signs of pregnancy in cat. When your cat is in an interesting position, you probably want to be sure about it. For you, the appearance of kittens is relevant in any case, for your pet. And even if you don’t want to add a family, and even if you want to look at nice fluffy kittens. It is worth noting that the symptoms of pregnancy can manifest themselves in different ways. It also happens that the owners may not detect any signs until the onset of pregnancy. What’s more, be aware that even in the first three weeks, veterinarians are not able to detect the presence of pregnancy. Below you are presented with a model of behavior by which you can determine who will be replenished in your family in the near future.

Signs of pregnancy in cat

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Signs of pregnancy in cat
Signs of pregnancy in cat

As mentioned above, it is impossible to determine the pregnancy of your fluffy pet in the first three weeks. True, if your cat has recently been very demanding of a cat, and after meeting with her has calmed down, you can be sure – she is pregnant. However, if a week or a little more has passed, and the cat again begins to produce sounds of hysterics, then the pregnancy has passed.

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So, the first sign of pregnancy is a complete lack of interest in the cat. In addition, pregnancy is clearly symbolized by the fact that the cat has become very aggressive towards other cats living in the same area. But in the second half during pregnancy her behavior changes to the opposite. The cat becomes extremely affectionate not only to animals, but also to man. So, if you notice for your favorite treats, then you all understood correctly.

As for food, the first two weeks the cat eats as before. Nothing changes in his diet. But after the third week, he suddenly has an aversion to the products he’s taken a liking to. At the same time, nausea and vomiting appear in the morning, which also indicates the presence of pregnancy. One can be sure that she has a cat face when she changes her normal demeanor to calm down. At the same time, his appetite rises, and sleep lasts much longer than usual. All these signs appear in the second half of pregnancy.

During the last period of pregnancy, cats become downright listless. They are not interested in anything, they will not even go outside, although the doors are not locked. Cats begin to spend more and more free time in a dream or half-drowse. This is a dream that takes all the time in a cat after pregnancy.

However, one sign of cat behavior should be said separately. Even if during the entire period the cat does not show a sign indicating its interesting position, before the most crucial moment, it will necessarily begin to look for a safe place for delivery. This behavior is called nesting and indicates pregnancy.

In this behavior, the cat’s natural instincts were awakened. About fourteen days before birth, the cat begins to look for a comfortable warm place where the first few days will hold, and hunt together with her kittens. From the point of view of the cat, she chooses a place only for protection. So don’t be surprised when your pet seeks to find a separate nook in his favorite cupboard, on bookshelves and other cozy places.

This is the time to find a comfortable place in your home with your kitty and take her to the litter box in which she will give birth. Finding the location of the place with the cat is essential. Let her stay where she is best. After all the simple manipulations, you need to tell him that this box is best suited for his future birth. If you ignore these rules, it is possible that she will find her own place and it is not quite right in your bed.

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Then, as last time, there are no signs of any signs in the first weeks. But after the end of the third week, the owner will begin to notice changes in the cat’s behavior. True, we have to try very hard to see them. It’s about changing the color of her nipples and skin. When a cat is not pregnant, the color of her nipples is almost no different from the color of the skin on her belly. If the cat has given birth before, her nipples are darker in color, but still similar in color to the rest of the skin.

In a pregnant cat, the nipples turn pink. This is very noticeable in cats giving birth for the first time. Although the color often depends on what kind of cat breed it is, how old it is, and what its individual characteristics are. By the way, not all nipples are always dark. Some of them remain the same color as they were before. An increase in nipples during pregnancy is almost unnoticeable. But still, mainly, the nipples not only become bard, but they dry up with considerable force.

After the end of three weeks, the cat’s abdomen begins to grow. At first it is invisible, but everything changes in the second half of pregnancy. Kittens begin to grow, and a kitten’s belly grows very rapidly. The size of the abdomen depends on how many fetuses the mother cat is carrying and what size they are. Therefore, if the pregnancy is slow, then changes in the abdomen are practically invisible.

In the fifth week, everything is visible. If there are several kittens, the cat’s cat will wither in front of him, so do not be intimidated by his new appearance. His belly will get bigger, the skin will get tighter, and you will, quite possibly, see the wiggling of the fruit in your life. If by this time the cat’s stomach has not changed, then there is some fruit in it. But even if you put your belly on his belly, you will still feel the movement inside the kitten.

About seven days before pregnancy, the cat’s abdomen is pear-shaped, the nipple greens, colostrum appears.
Well, these signs indicate that your cat is now pregnant. If you think she’s pregnant, but you don’t see any obvious signs, contact a veterinary clinic. The doctor will make an ultrasound, with the help of which the pregnancy will be revealed.