Weimaraner dog

Weimaraner dog

Come friends, today we will know about the Weimaraner dog, so let’s start. The Weimaraner is an incredible animal, who loves to run to work in tandem with its human guide. It is a ferry in which training is enjoyed, and also gets along with other animals.

If you are thinking of raising your family with a dog and you are looking for one who is energetic, intelligent, and sociable, don’t miss it: the Weimaraner is one of your best choices. Next, you will find out why

Weimaraner dog

Origin and History

Our hero is a dog originally from Germany known as the Weimar Brakow or Weimaraner, which began its history before 1800; However, since that time we have not found some engravings where you can see dogs that are very similar to today’s dogs. It was not until the XNUMXth century that Grand Duke Carlos Augusto, ruling the Duchy of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach, became fond of hunting big game. (1)

One of those days he met the ancestors of the current Weimaraner, and decided to develop a breed of versatile hunting dogs that would be used only by the nobles of the time. At the end of the XNUMXth century, when the German Republic already existed, the German Weimaraner Club was formed, and again this breed was once again banned from the people.  (2)

In the middle of the XNUMXth century, our hero was imported to the United States hand-in-hand with Howard Knight, (3) who was a member of the German Weimaraner club. Since then, the breed was little known throughout the world.

What are the physical characteristics?

The Weimaraner is a large dog, weighing 25 to 45 kg and being between 55 and 70 cm in height at the withers. Females are somewhat smaller than males. The body is slender, strong, and muscular, protected by a coat of short or long hair, depending on the variety: if it is a short-haired variety, the outer coat is well attached to the body and strength. and is dense; On the other hand, in the long-haired variety, the outer coat is long and smooth, with or without an undercoat. The coat color is silver grey, deer gray, or mouse grey.

The head is wider in males than in females, but in both cases it is harmonious. The nose is flesh-colored but turns gray towards the base. The eyes of adults range from light to dark amber, while those of pups are blue in color. The ears are wide and hanging. (4)

The tail is strong and its legs are also strong. Their life expectancy is 10 to 12 years.

how is your character

The Weimaraner is a dog that is intelligent, loyal, and inquisitive, but also somewhat shy with strangers. you need to lead an active lifestyle because you have a lot of energy; (5) In fact, it is very important that it is taken out for a walk and played with it every day so that it can burn and feel happy.

What do they care?


Feeding of Weimaraner It should be meat-based. Since it is a carnivore, it is not advisable to give it feed rich in grains, as it cannot digest them well.

Obviously, you should never be short of fresh and clean water, always freely available.


The hair of this animal is short, but this does not mean that it does not need to be taken care of. Every day you will need to pass a comb, or if you prefer, a brush glove to remove all traces of dead hair. , This is especially necessary in the summer, as it will make you feel cooler that way.


This is a dog that needs to go outside every day to do something outside the house. Walks, jogs, sports in the park or on the beach… Whatever distracts you, helps you burn energy, and makes you think you’ll do well.


Unfortunately, all large dog breeds are prone to hip dysplasia and even abdominal cramps. There is not much that can be done to avoid this, except to have a vet check-up at least once a year, and also to give the vaccines that are mandatory in our country.


If you want to live for a few years with a wonderful dog that will undoubtedly bring you lots of happiness and lots of love, we highly recommend you visit a kennel of this breed. There, you will have to ask all your questions so that the purchase is a success.

In these places, they will ask you for 700-1000 Euro for a puppy.