What to give the dog to eat

What to give the dog to eat

What to give the dog to eat: Let us know about what to give the dog to eat. Friends Dog Is Considered To Be The Most Loyal Animal. Anyone Who Keeps Dogs. He Does Not Differentiate Between Human And Dog. But Sometimes Many People To Show Their Love With The Dog Feed Them The Same Thing Which They Themselves Eat. Many Times People Feed Dogs Fast Food Like Maggi, Chowmein And Useless Things Found In The Market, It Has A Very Bad Effect On The Dog’s Body. Many People Give Bread And Other Vegetables To The Dog, Which Is Often Good For The Dog’s Health. For This Reason, It Is Very Important For You To Know What Should Be Given To The Dog In Food. So That If You Have A Dog, Then You Will Also Be Able To Take Care Of Your Dog Properly.

So Friends, If You Have A Cute Dog, Then Today In This Article, We Are Going To Give You Detailed Information About What You Should Give To Your Dog In Food And Which Food Is Good For Your Dog’s Health. If You Have Any Question, Then Definitely Write In The Comment Box Below.

What to give the dog to eat

What Food Should Be Given To The Dog?

Friends, Such Food Is Needed For The Dog, In Which There Is A Good Amount Of Protein, Vitamins And Other Nutrients. By The Way, Nowadays You Will Find Many Packaged Foods In The Market For Dogs, But They Can Be Very Expensive, But It Is Not Necessary That You Buy Food For Your Dog From The Market And Bring Many Good Foods For Your Dog At Home. You Can Prepare That Too In A Very Low Cost, So Let’s Know –

You Can Give Soyabean Big Dog To Eat

Friends, Soybean Protein Is Considered To Be The Best Source Of Vitamins And Other Nutrients. Nutrients Like Proteins, Vitamins, Carbohydrates Etc. Are Found In Good Quantity In Soyabean. Products Related To Soybeans Are Very Beneficial For Dogs, Especially Soyabean Seeds, Soybean Seeds Are Easily Available In The Market At Rs.100 To 150 Per Kg. You Can Soak Soybeans In Water Or Mix Other Things Like Paneer, Roti With Soybeans And Give Them To The Dog To Eat. Friends, For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That Soybean Contains More Nutrients Like Protein Than Meat, So If You Cannot Buy Chicken, Meat Or Packaged Food From The Market For Your Dog, Then You Can Give Soybean To Your Dog.

Bread With Peanut Butter

What to give the dog to eat
What to give the dog to eat

This Peanut Butter Proves To Be The Best Food For Your Dog. A Lot Of Protein Is Obtained In This Peanut Butter. So Friends, If You Give Peanut Butter To Your Dog With Roti, Then It Can Be A Good Diet For The Dog. Vitamin B And Vitamin E Are Also Found Inside Peanut Butter. In This Way, You Can Give Any Kind Of Peanut Butter. But If Your Peanut Butter Is Unsalted Then It Is Considered The Best. Sometimes You Can Give Flour Bread With Peanut Butter As Well. Don’t Feed Bread In Large Quantity To Dogs, Sometimes If You Give It In Very Small Quantity Then There Is No Issue.

You Can Give Whey, Buttermilk, Curd To The Dog.

 Friends, Many Nutrients Like Protein, Vitamins, Calcium, Potassium, Iron Etc. Are Found In Curd Whey, Which Are Also Very Beneficial For The Dog. You Can Mix Curd With Rice Or Bread And Give It To The Dog, But Keep In Mind That It Will Be Better If Salt, Spices And Sugar Or Other Things Are Not Added To It. You Can Feed Curd Buttermilk To The Dog, It Is Very Beneficial For The Dog’s Health. In Summer, It Can Be Very Beneficial For The Dog, It Will Meet The Lack Of Water In The Body.

Some Dogs Are Allergic To Milk Products And Cannot Digest Them. But If Your Dog Is Fine To Eat Curd Then You Can Feed It. Yogurt Is Naturally Probiotic Which Promotes Good Bacteria In The Dog’s Gut. But, You Try Not To Feed Your Dog In Excess So That He Starts Gaining Weight. Adding Curd To His Food Can Be A Healthy Addition, But Avoid Feeding In Excess.

Chicken Meat

You Can Give Chicken To The Dog, Friends, Most Of The People Give Meat, Chicken Etc. To Their Dogs. Meat Chicken Contains Almost All Types Of Nutrients Which Are Beneficial For The Health Of The Dog. You Can Give Meat Chicken To The Dog In Many Ways. You Can Give Cooked Or Uncooked Chicken To The Dog. If You Give Cooked Chicken To The Dog, Then It Proves To Be The Best For Your Dog, But Keep In Mind That If You Cook The Meat And Give It To Your Dog, Then It Is Better Not To Use Salt And Spices. If Your Dog Does Not Eat Salt Without Spices, Then You Can Add Very Little Quantity, If You Are Giving Raw Meat, Then Give It Cleanly, Do Not Give Any Dirty Bad Meat To The Dog.

The Natural Diet Of Dogs Is Meat, In Which They Get The Necessary Proteins And Vitamins For Their Bodies. Friends, Meat Is Very Important For Dogs. You Can Include Bacon, Mutton And Beef In Their Diet. Meat Should Be Given Cold Or Cooked And All Bones Should Be Removed.

Bread, Vegetables And Fruits

Friends, In The Natural Diet Plan For Dogs, You Can Mix Wheat, Millet, Oats, Maize And Gram And Grind It Into Flour, Make Roti And Mix It With Vegetables And Give It To Your Dog, This Is A Very Good Food For Dogs. In Vegetables, You Can Cook Green Vegetables, Potatoes, Carrots And Give Them With Bread Or Rice. If Your Dog Eats Fruits Too, Then You Can Feed Fruits To Your Dog, It Will Not Cause Any Problem To Your Dogs, Nothing Natural Causes Any Problem.

Yogurt Can Also Be Fed To Dogs

Some People Consider Yogurt As Yogurt, But There Is A Slight Difference Between Yogurt And Yogurt, The Process Of Making Them Is Different, Although Both Are Made From Milk. A Lot Of Protein, Calcium Is Present Inside Yogurt. This Yogurt Keeps Your Dog’s Digestive System Running Smoothly. Talking About Yogurt, It Makes Your Dog’s Body Strong By Reaching The Dog’s Body.

Wheat Porridge Remains Beneficial

Friends, Oatmeal Protein Is Considered To Be The Most Important Source Of Fiber Along With Vitamins. A Good Amount Of Fiber Is Found In Oatmeal, Which Is Very Good For Your Dog’s Digestive System. You Can Give Porridge By Soaking It In Water Or Cooking It With Milk Without Sugar Or Salt And Mixing It With Bread. Oatmeal Is Also Available At A Very Low Price.

Feed Carrots To Dog

Carrots Are Rich In Fiber And Vitamin A. Carrots Contain Vitamins A, C And K As Well As B Complex, Beta Carotene, Fiber And Minerals Such As Calcium And Potassium, Which Prove To Be Very Beneficial For Your Dog’s Health. If Your Dog Chews And Eats Carrots, Then Your Dog’s Teeth Become Stronger. Carrots Also Do Not Contain Many Calories, Due To Which It Does Not Allow Your Dog To Gain Weight. You Can Feed Carrots To Your Dog Either Raw Or Cooked. You Can Also Give Carrot, Cucumber, Radish, Green Coriander Chutney With Rice And Roti To The Dog. Feed Carrots By Cutting Them Into Small Pieces, Or Cook Carrot Soup Before Giving It To Them.

Lentils Can Also Be Fed To Dogs

Friends, You Can Cook Different Types Of Lentils Like Moong, Gram, Beans, Rajma Etc. And Mix Them With Other Things. Keep In Mind That Too Much Sweet And Salty Spices Should Not Be Given To Dogs.

Can You Give Egg Rice To Dog

You Can Give Rice With Roti By Boiling Egg Or Making Egg Burji. You Can Give It To Dogs Even After Making Palav Of Egg Biryani. A Good Amount Of Protein And Vitamins Are Also Found In The Egg, So It Is Considered A Good Food For Dogs.


Oatmeal Is Also A Good Food For Dogs. It Is A Healthy And Nutritious Food That Is Useful For Dogs. Oatmeal Contains Fiber, Protein, And Many Vitamins And Minerals That Are Beneficial To Your Pet Dog’s Health. You Can Feed Your Dog Oatmeal Mixed With Some Milk Or Warm Water. Feed It In The Morning Or Evening And Keep In Mind That You Do Not Give It In Excess. If Your Dog Has A Problem With Milk Or Lactose Intolerance, You Can Give Oatmeal Only With Warm Water. While Giving This Oatmeal, Keep In Mind That This Oatmeal Should Be Given Only To Grain Eating Dogs.

Pumpkin – Pumpkin Is Good For Dogs, It Contains Fiber, Potassium, Vitamins A, C And B Complex. You Can Feed Your Dog Pumpkin Food, But Slowly Teach Him How To Eat It. Pumpkin Can Be Cut Into Small Pieces And Include It In Their Diet. 

Apples – Apples Contain Vitamins And Antioxidants That Are Beneficial To The Health Of Dogs. In Addition, Apples Contain Fiber And Natural Sugars That Are Beneficial To A Dog’s Digestive System. However, Don’t Give Apples To Dogs In Excess, As It Can Cause An Upset Stomach. Feed The Apple By Cutting It Into Small Pieces And Include It In The Food From Time To Time.

Sweet Potato – Sweet Potato Is A Healthy And Nutritious Food That Is Very Beneficial For Dogs. It Contains Iron, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin C, Fiber And Other Nutrients That Are Beneficial For The Health Of Dogs. You Can Give It Chopped In Between Or You Can Give It Cooked. You Can Serve Sweet Potatoes Mixed With Some Other Food, Or You Can Use The Recipe As A Great Way To Make Sweet Potatoes Cold. However, Keep In Mind That You Do Not Give Sweet Potatoes In Excess As It Can Cause Stomach Ailments To Your Dog.

Salmon – Salmon Is A Healthy Food For Dogs And Provides Essential Nutrients For Their Physical Development. Salmon Can Be Given To Dogs As A Food, Provided They Are Fully Cooked. You Can Serve Salmon By Frying Or Grilling It. Be Careful Not To Fry The Salmon, As This Reduces Its Nutritional Value.

How Much Food Should Be Given To Dogs

While Giving Food To Your Dog, It Should Be Kept In Mind That You Have To Give Food To Your Dog Only 2 To 3 Percent Of Its Weight. If Your Dog Is 100 Grams Then Only 20 To 30 Grams Of Food Should Be Given To Him Daily. If Your Dog Is In Good Health, Then You Should Give Him Normal Food Only.

How Often Should A Dog Be Fed

The Dog Should Be Given Food Only 2 Or 3 Times A Day. If Your Dog’s Health Is Good, Then You Can Give Him Food Two Times In The Morning And Evening Only And If Your Dog Is Weak Then You Can Give Him Food After 3 To 4 Times A Day. It Also Depends On How Active Your Dog Is, If The Dog Is Lying Down During The Day, Then You Can Feed It Accordingly, If The Dog Plays Outside Or Goes For A Walk, Then It Needs More Food. If Your Dog Is Hungry For A Long Period Of Time, They May Become Nauseous.


Today, Through This Article, We Have Given You What Should Be Given To The Dog In Food, How Much Should Be Given And At What Time, Along With What Should Not Be Given To Your Dog. An Attempt Has Been Made To Provide Detailed Information On All These Topics.