Which is the most expensive dog breed in India

Which is the most expensive dog breed in India

Let us know about Which is the most expensive dog breed in India? Friends, Dog Is A Faithful And Most Intelligent Animal From Other Animals, So We Humans Like To Keep Dogs With Us And Keep The Dog Like A Family Member. By The Way, There Are Many Breeds Of Dogs, According To The Breed, Their Behavior And Their Price Also Varies, Talk About India, Many Breeds Of Dogs Are Found In India Too, Some Of These Dog Breeds Are So Expensive That Their You Will Be Surprised To Know The Price. So Friends, If You Want To Know That The Most Expensive Dog In India, Which Are The Most Expensive Dog Breeds, Then Friends, In Today’s Article You Are Going To Get All The Information In Details, Then Definitely Read This Article Till The Last –

India’s Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Which is the most expensive dog breed in India
Which is the most expensive dog breed in India

Friends, The Most Expensive Dog Breeds In India, In This List, The Most Expensive Dog Breeds Available In India Have Been Included, In Which We Have Not Ranked Them By Number Because Their Cost Keeps On Increasing, But You Will Get An Idea That The Most Expensive Let Us Know About The Dog Breeds Which Are Available In India And Which You Can Get In India –

  • Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Afghan Hound
  • English Mastiff
  • Boerboel
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • Boardia
  • San Bernard
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Great Dane
  • Bullmastiff
  • Pitt Bull

Napoleon Mastiff-

The Neapolitan Mastiff Is A Large And Powerful Dog Breed Which Is One Of The Costliest Dogs In India. His Main Birth Is From Italy. Their Weight Ranges From About 50 To 70 Kg And Their Length Is About 26 Inches. They Have Long Skin On Their Body Which Makes Them Big And Powerful. They Are Very Good In Terms Of Security, They Were Also Used In The War By The Roman People In Italy. These Dogs Are Very Loyal And Love To Be With Family. The Price Of A Neapolitan Mastiff Can Range From Rs 1 Lakh To Rs 5 Lakh In India.

Afghan Hound _

The Afghan Hound Is A Very Beautiful Dog Breed Which Is One Of The Most Expensive Dogs In India. Known For Their Long Body, Long Hair And Elegant Features. They Are Born From Afghanistan, That’s Why They Are Called Afghan Hound. This Breed Is Beautiful And Attractive To See. Their Weight Ranges From About 20 To 40 Kg And Their Length Is About 27 Inches. Afghan Hounds Are Gregarious, Generous And Happy. They Love Being With The Family And Are Also Very Interested In Playing With Children. Their Average Age Is 10 To 12 Years. The Cost Of An Afghan Hound In India Can Range From Around 60 Thousand Rupees To 1 Lakh 50 Thousand Rupees.

English Mastiff –

The English Mastiff Is A Large-Sized Guard Dog That Is Large-Bodied And Highly Intelligent. This Dog Is Known As English Mastiff, Its Main Origin Is From England, It Is Very Attractive To Look At, Its Body Size Is Huge, So It Is Suitable For A Large House. They Have Small Hairs On Their Body. The Cost Of An English Mastiff In India Can Range From Around Rs 1 Lakh To Rs 3 Lakh.

Boerboel – _

Boerboil Is A Famous Dog In India Which Is A Breed From South Africa. Its Purpose Is Largely To Help Protect Itself From Animals Such As Lions And Elephants. Their Length Is 55 To 70 Cm And Their Weight Can Be 72 To 80 Kg.

In India, The Boyerboil Price Can Range From Around Rs.60,000 To Rs.2,50,000. This Dog Is Of A Large Size And Its Care Requires Special Attention.

Tibetan Mastiff _

Tibetan Mastiff Is One Of The Very Popular Dogs In India. Tibetan Mastiff Is A Large Sized Dog With A Happy Mood And Quick Mixing With Humans. It Is Mostly Followed In The Himalayan Regions Where The Weather Is Cool Like North India, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir And Nepal Bhutan Etc. Their Weight Varies Between 45 To 70 Kg And Its Height Is Between 26 To 29 Inches. Tibetan Mastiffs Are Known To Be Excellent Watchdogs, Known For Their Strength And Loyalty When It Comes To Protecting Their Families And Property. Its Price In India Starts From 80 Thousand Rupees And Can Go Up To 5 Lakh Rupees.

Bhotia Dogs –

The Bhotia Breed Dog Is A Large And Strong Dog Breed That Is Very Loyal And Companion-Like. This Is Also Mostly Found In The Himalayan Areas, Especially The Sheep And Goat Rearing Pastures And You Can See These Dogs With Nomadic People.

They Are A Large Dog, Reaching A Height Of 27 Inches (68 Cm) And Often Weighing 110 Pounds (50 Kg). They Have Strong Thighs And Are Considered A Classic Hunter Runner. Their Hair Is Thick And Long Which Makes Thick And Shady Trunks. Their Hair Color Varies, Such As Mahogany, Black And Tan, Brindle, Everting And White Etc. Their Mouth Is Long And Strong, Which Helps In Gripping Their Prey. Their Ears Are Short And Long. The Price Of A Bhotia Breed Dog In India Can Range From Around Rs 25,000 To Rs 60,000.

San Bernard-

The San Bernard Is A Large Breed Of Dog That Originated In San Bernard, Switzerland. Its Weight Ranges From 50 To 70 Kg. It Is A Family Dog, Very Friendly With Children, Young And Old, Other Dogs And Other Pets. It Is Also Very Fun To Play With And Spend Time With. Due To Its Large Size, Strong Body And It Is Highly Intelligent, It Is Used By People For Protection And Service Dog. Their Price In India Can Be Around 20 Thousand To 50 Thousand Rupees.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever Is A Large, White, Black, Or Brown Pet Dog That Is Mostly Affectionate, Trainable, And Happy. This Breed Is Also Used In Police And Exploration Teams Because They Have A Good Sense Of Smell And Can Help Find Female Prey That Is Destroyed By Muscle. These Dogs Are Friendly And Live With High Expectations From Their Owners. The Price Of A Labrador Retriever In India Can Range From Around Rs 10,000 To Rs 50,000.

Great Dane

Great Dane Is A Big Pet Dog, We Can Also Call It A Guard Dog. Who Are Vegetarian. They Are Big, Strong And Powerful And Their Weight Can Be From 54 To 90 Kg. Their Large Size And Powerful Temperament Make Them A Good Guard Dog, But They Are Also Very Affectionate And Feisty And Can Be Well Suited As A Family Member. The Price Of Guard Great Dane In India Can Be Around 20 Thousand To 1 Lakh Rupees.


Bullmastiff Is A Large Sized Pet Dog With A Very Large And Strong Mouth. Mostly Known As Guard Dogs, Because Of Their Size, They Require A Lot Of Permanent Space In Their Home To Live Happily. Bullmastiff Price In India Can Range From Rs 20,000 To Rs 2,50,000.

Alaskan Malamute –

Alaskan Malamutes Are A Breed Native To Alaska That Are Fiercely Loyal To Their Owner. These Dogs Are Very Calm And Playful In Nature. Their Weight Ranges From 35 To 45 Kg. They Are Mostly Adapted To Live In Cold Areas. It Is Difficult To Rear Them In Hot Places. Their Price Ranges From 2 Lakh To 3 Lakh 50 Thousand In India.

Newfound Dog-

The Taluk Of This Dog Breed Is Newfoundland Country, These Dogs Are Known For Their Intelligence And Power. Their Body Is Average, Their Height Ranges From 60 To 75 Cm And Their Weight Is Up To 70 Kg. Their Price In India Ranges From 2 Lakh To 3 Lakh Rupees.

Pitbull (Pitbull Dog Breeds)-

Pitbull Dog Is Counted Among Very Powerful And Dangerous Dogs, This Breed Has Become Very Popular In India As Well. The Original Breed Of Pitbull Dog Is Believed To Be From England And Ireland. The Dogs Of This Breed Are Very Agile, Their Size Is Medium, But Their Body Looks Very Muscular. Their Price Ranges From 1 Lakh To 15 Lakh Rupees In India.

Friends, This Was The Information About The Most Expensive Dog Breeds Available In India, If You Have Any Question, Then Definitely Type In The Comment Box Below.