Why do dogs howl

Why do dogs howl

We are sorry that animals are not able to speak like humans. They have other ways of communicating with each other and with us. These methods also include body language, barking, whining, crying and screaming. However, this last case is not very common in our dogs. For this reason we often ask ourselves why do dogs howl?

Well this type of sound has always been present in dogs. This is not surprising, because these animals are descended from wolves. Although many breeds of dogs no longer resemble their ancestors, they still have similar behaviors in some ways. Howling doesn’t always mean something negative , since most of the time it’s just a way of communicating with each other.

However, it can also indicate that something is wrong with our pet. Dogs may howl because of illness, stress, fear or lack of specific care. In this article we will talk about the different types of howling and the most common reasons why dogs make this sound.

Why do dogs howl
Why do dogs howl

main reason for crying

Although it is not a very common behavior in domesticated dogs, howling remains an important way of getting more information about the emotional and emotional state of the dog. Because of this they can also indicate the health of the animal. The frequency of howls depends on the dog and with them it expresses what is happening to it. However, not all dogs communicate in this way and resort to other means of communication to try to make themselves understood.

Through the howling tone we can suspect the reason why our pet makes that sound. Generally, when the dog is in some discomfort or pain, the tones used are more plaintive and low. , On the other hand, if the howl is louder and louder, it may be because the dog feels lonely from spending too much time without company due to lack of stimulation, or it may be trying to mimic another high-pitched sound. Might as well try. , like a scream. For this reason many times dogs start howling after hearing the sound of siren.

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The howling of our dogs is inevitable, as they are part of the animal’s communication. However, yes, we can block out the reasons why our furry friends initiate this behavior. For this we must make sure that they are not hot, cold or hungry, that they always have clean and fresh water, that they get the necessary care and attention, that they have enough toys when we leave them alone, etc. . If we follow these basic measures for the well-being of our pets, they should not meow excessively.

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Now we are going to look at the main reasons why dogs howl. They can have different origins depending on tone and frequency.

  • Excited state: Howls indicate the mood of the animal. Depending on the tone, they can convey their feelings to us.
  • Communication: In many cases, howling is a response to the other dog, as it is a very important source of communication for them.
  • Family reunion: When a dog sees that his entire human family is together, he may squeal with joy and excitement.
  • Calling: Starting again from the premise that howls are a form of communication, they also serve as a method of calling, either to other dogs or even to humans.
  • Loneliness: Dogs may howl incessantly when alone. Some dogs cannot stand being without someone at all and may even suffer from separation anxiety. In these cases, it is best to see a canine trainer or ethologist.
  • Pain or Pain: When the tone of the howl is more plaintive and continuous than on other occasions, it is most likely that the animal is feeling some discomfort, pain or itching. To dispel doubts we must go to the vet.
  • Fear or stress: Dogs may howl especially because of a painful period or because of sudden fright. Furthermore, stress sounds are often longer. These cases are especially common in dogs who live in cities, as they are more vulnerable to stress.
  • Sound imitation: Another common reason dogs howl is sound imitation. Such cases usually occur when we play an instrument or when they hear some kind of siren. When the dog usually behaves in this way, we can also shout ourselves so that it imitates us and establishes a kind of interaction with it.
  • Emotional recognition: It is also possible that when our pet empathizes with our sad or angry emotional state, it starts to howl.
  • Territorial marking: despite the fact that howling to mark territory is rare, it may be the case that our dog considers a territory as his own and emits this sound to warn others that it is his property .
  • Presence of intruders: When an unknown person enters the house or its territory, he may start shouting because of invasion of his space.
  • Lack of attention or care: In cases where the dog lacks special care or attention, it may also howl. This is usually due to lack of walking or exercise, playing for hours, eating or feeling lonely.
  • Attention seeking: It is also possible that our furry friends resort to howling to get our attention. We must be careful on these occasions, as they can use it to manipulate us emotionally in order to get what they want.
  • Anxiety: Generally, when dogs howl due to anxiety, it is closely related to stress. This is the most likely reason when we don’t know why they are crying.
  • Prolonged separation: Most common within anxiety is separation anxiety, another common cause of howling in dogs.

As we can see, there are many reasons that answer the question of why dogs howl. If we know what is causing this behavior, it is best to find a solution. If not, we should go to a veterinarian or an ethologist, because it is clear that the dog is trying to tell us something.