Why is my dog losing weight

Why is my dog losing weight

Let’s know about Why is my dog losing weight. Having a pet in our life has many advantages, apart from the fact that if we know how to take care of them and make them feel happy, we will be able to receive unconditional love. For this we must know and know if your body changes, as this would be an indicator that your health is not in the best condition .

One of the changes most visible to our eyes as owners and caregivers is weight gain or loss , which may be rarely noticed. In the event that it occurs for no apparent reason, it is advisable to attend to the vet so that he can carry out the necessary tests for one. Correct diagnosis in this way to send the indicated treatment for the case. On the other hand, throughout this article we will inform you of the possible reasons why your dog is losing weight, the causes and the possible remedies .

Reasons Your Dog May Be Losing Weight

Why is my dog losing weight
Why is my dog losing weight

Start to be concerned if you notice that your dog is in pain, dangerous weight loss , that you can see the ribs or the spine. It is important to get him to the vet immediately, although we will discuss the possible causes of the weight loss below.

Your dog may be suffering from a gastrointestinal illness , which is characterized by inflammation of the intestines, or food allergies, two of the reasons your dog may be too thin.

You may think ” my dog ​​is very thin but still eats a lot “, be careful, this is very normal and so when it comes to a parasite. It can also be observed some kind of pain in the abdomen of the animal or the feces are not very consistent and even observe some parasites in them.

Dental problems should also be taken care of, as these mouth sores can make you stop eating or eat very little, leading to a noticeable weight loss. Also the presence of excess tartar or an abscess and even a broken tooth .

In this case, who has the better judgment about what to do.

Liver diseases, certain malfunctions of the liver , which is in charge of properly digesting and absorbing food and nutrients, can cause a dog to not keep its weight in a stable, skin color changes during these cases. Changes in vomiting and lethargy can also be seen.

Another major cause of weight loss in dogs is kidney failure. Here we will also observe vomiting, polydipsia or great thirst, loss of appetite or even increased urination. So if you imagine that your dog is very thin and does not want to eat, it may be due to this matter.

Causes of Sudden Weight Loss in Dogs

Sudden weight loss is not a good thing for a dog. But fear not too much, as there may be a simple fix for a number of reasons. In these cases, it is always better to take him to the vet to do the relevant tests.

However, it is not a bad solution to know more reasons why this can happen, not only the ones we talked about, which are the most common, but others that affect your pet as well. do.


Do you think that a dog cannot be stressed like a human? Then you are wrong. They also suffer from periods of estrus, which causes them to lose weight, and even hair, due to the condition. The reasons can be very diverse, from a move, a new pet, a change in the house (new furniture, new arrangement…), etc. Remember they are animals of habit, and they notice (in a negative way) any changes you make.


Weight loss and cancer are two words that are closely related, especially when it comes to sudden weight loss. Also, the tumor may be in an internal area, so unless it has symptoms, you really won’t know it’s sick except by periodically examining your pet.

Hence the importance of visits to the vet (once a year or even every 6 months).

heart problem

Before we tell you that one of the reasons your dog may be losing weight is because of kidney problems, and it can happen. But what many do not know is that heart problems can also cause sudden weight loss.

Now, in the case of heart problems, as opposed to kidney, this damage is more gradual, and more dangerous because you won’t realize it until you experience symptoms like stopping to eat.

One option that he uses to see that all is well is, if he continues to eat, increase the calories in his diet (give him more food) and watch his weight. If it increases, then there should be no problem, but always check that your weight does not skyrocket.

dietary changes

Another option that can cause a change in a dog’s weight is a change in its diet. You have to keep in mind that each feed has a different label and nutritional content , so a change will affect your pet’s weight to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore it is recommended that, if you are going to change your diet, it should be done gradually so that you get used to it and also to see if it is the right feed.

Now, since we have given you some reasons for weight loss in your pet , we will highlight the solutions to counter them.

Treating Your Dog for Overeating

To start our pet we must be very clear what is the trigger reason for losing weight and on the other hand to plan a new diet based on the reason. In all cases it is important to follow all veterinarian’s instructions so that we can best help our pet.

Here, we’ll give you some pointers on foods and vitamins you can give your dog to get him back to his ideal weight.

You will need to feed it a diet that is rich in nutrients and that takes into account all the needs of the dog’s body and, of course, that provides him with plenty of protein and energy. Keep in mind that canned food or homemade dog food can be very helpful in making your dog fat.

Vitamin Supplements for Dogs That Help Them Gain Weight

First of all, we want to tell you that using these supplements that we are going to tell you without first talking to the veterinarian who treats your dog is very counterproductive . Keep in mind that we are talking about a “doctor” trying to find and cure the cause of your pet’s weight loss. If he prescribes a treatment, follow it to the letter, and, if you also want to use something else, consult a doctor before doing so. Sometimes the medicine may conflict with other treatments and none of them may work.

That said, you should know that, in order to gain weight, a dog needs a greater supply of nutrients. And these are achieved, as we’ve talked to you before, through foods and vitamins. Now, what are the best supplements to help you gain back those lost pounds?